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Tweeting It Up! (@ Seahawks Addition)

August 22, 2009

Whether you follow us or not on twitter, you can go over to for our live coverage of the Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks game. You can get game updates, commentary and comedy(?) for the entire game.

Also, if for some reason you are opposed to twitter, you can see some of our favorite tweets right here on this page. It will include our own tweets as well as others. At about 7:15 MST we will begin our coverage and preview the game. So make sure you check it out!


broncomadnessKyle Ortons QB rating was higher than Jay Cutlers’ last week. Cutler played well this week. Can he match him again?

Denver_Broncos Former Bronco D.D. Lewis will start at linebacker in the rookie Curry’s place.

broncomadnessThrew it for a first down to Royal. Should have thrown it to Buck though. Would have been a TD. He was wide open.
VicLombardiyou realize that drive almost ended like opening drive last week…good for Orton, good confidence boost

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