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Sitting Down With Jim Saccomano: Talking Books & Broncos

August 14, 2009

Picture 3Jim Saccomano is the author of the newly released book, Denver Broncos, The Complete Illustrated History which you can now purchase at your local book store. Yesterday, we published a review of his new book which you can read here.

Saccomano, is best known for being the Vice President of Public Relations of the Denver Broncos and his blog which you can view at Denver He was kind enough to answer a few questions we had for him on his new book and the state of the Broncos.

GB: What was your favorite part of getting to write your new book?

JS: It was great to have the opportunity to make my own contribution to our 50th anniversary, to put my own stamp on it, so to speak.  It was great to be able to share the history, especially of the earlier decades, with people who might not have been familiar with those years prior to the book.

GB: Since your book is all about the Broncos’ history, who would you say is the most important player/personnel in the teams history?

JS: Great question.  The answers would be three people:  John Elway, the greatest player in team history and one of the greatest ever, among all players; Gerry Phipps, who quite literally saved the team for Denver single-handedly and kept the team from moving when it was within days, maybe hours, of doing so; and Pat Bowlen, who gave all permission, all consent, and all the money for all the moves, hirings and acquisitions that have won all the games.  These three.  Any other answer is false.

GB: What do you hope that people who read your book will take away?

JS: A sense of history that there was something here before today, before now, and with that a sense of appreciation for what has gone before us…

GB: What are you most excited for about the Broncos 2009 season?

JS: The franchise is being transformed by a new energy, a  new dynamic.  It’s like scientists watching an atom split.  No telling how big it gets and where it goes from here, but combining that new dynamic with the present attitude of Bronco fans and the city creates an amazing possibility.

GB: Why did you decide to write the book?

JS: I had written a previous book, which my good friend Reggie Rivers had been complimentary of.  Reggie recommended me to the publisher, they called me, we found instant compatibility regarding the project, and agreed in a matter of minutes to do it.

GB: What are your predictions for this years Broncos?

JS: I don’t do predictions, but I think the Broncos will be a real tough team, playing smart, tough football, and that the team will take on the personality of its coach.  Very, very dynamic.

broncosbarWe’d like to thank Jim for taking the time to answer our questions. For those of you interested he will be having books signings these next few months which you can find out about at Again I suggest that you read the book. It’s an excellent look at the history of the Broncos and any Broncos fan will enjoy it. 

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