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Help Send Floyd Little To Canton!

August 11, 2009

Picture 2You could say that there is nobody more important to the Denver Broncos history than Floyd Little. Not John Elway. Not Pat Bowlen. Nobody has had more of an impact on the Broncos than Little. Actually, had it not been for Little, there would have been no John Elway, no Pat Bowlen, no Mike Shanahan, no Super Bowls, no “The Drive”, nothing whatsoever.

See, when Floyd Little was drafted by the Broncos in the year of 1967, relocation seemed imminent for the failing team. The Broncos couldn’t win, and couldn’t get anyone to attend their games. Our favorite team, was in a downward spiral and it seemed like nothing could get them out of this awful situation.

That was until Floyd Little joined the Broncos. Little, a Running Back from Syracuse who weighed in at only 5-10 and 196 pounds immediately became a star and something unthinkable happened. The Broncos started winning. No, we didn’t win a Super Bowl or even get to the playoffs but for the first time ever, fans had a reason to believe.

Fans became packing stadiums to watch this electrifying running back play and before we knew it, the Broncos were considered a legitimate team. The Broncos weren’t going to have to re-locate and Floyd Little was appropriately nicknamed “The Franchise”. 

Little played 9 years for the Broncos until his retirement in 1975. At the time of his retirement, Little had ran for 6,323 yards with 43 touchdowns. He had finished his career as the 7th all time leading rusher in the history of the NFL. He even broke the 1,000 yard rushing mark in 1971, something that was elite for his time of play. 

Fast forward 35 seasons later. The Broncos have gone to 6 Super Bowls, won two and have become one of this generations most consistent, most respected franchises. Yet something is missing, and that respect from the Hall of Fame. The Broncos only have 2 players in the Hall of Fame in Quarterback John Elway and Offensive Tackle Gary Zimmerman.

Floyd Little is not in the Hall of Fame, and Broncos fans finally have something to say about it.

broncosbarJ.T, otherwise known as “Studbucket” at MHR is a big Floyd Little fan. That is why he, firstfan and Jezru (all MHR members and contributers) decided to do something about it. They think that a grassroots campaign out of Broncos Country could get one of the Broncos most important players, Floyd Little, in Canton, Ohio where he belongs.

“We do [think we can get Little in the HOF].  We saw how Art Monk finally got into the Hall of Fame after Redskins’ fans campaigned for years and with all of the frustration we felt after Sharpe got snubbed last year, we wanted to do something,” J.T told us. 

The MHR Broncos Hall of Fame Committee has been campaigning extremely hard to get the Seniors’ Committee to put Floyd in the Hall of Fame. The Seniors Committee is a group of journalists who nominate 2 players every year from the early stages of the NFL to the Hall of Fame. 

Deciding which one of the many worthy Broncos to enter the Hall of Fame deserved it most wasn’t easy for the committee J.T says:

We really looked at 3 people when we started the committee:  Lionel Taylor, Randy Gradishar, and Floyd Little.  We ended up choosing Floyd because he was older and has had to wait longer. Given that Floyd is “The Franchise”, I suppose it’s best that we get him in first.”

It hasn’t been easy so far for Broncos to get in the Hall of Fame. Not even Shannon Sharpe, who some consider to be the greatest Tight End of all time has been inducted yet. People have speculated for a year now ever since his surprising snub. While it is common knowledge he will be inducted eventually, J.T credited some of the bad luck with the ‘MSM’: 

“As has been expressed on Broncos forums and blogs around the web, the ‘mainstream media’ (MSM) isn’t doing anything to help get Broncos into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

How does the committee plan on getting Little in? E-Mailing the journalists who are responsible for nomination of these players. All 3 of the committee leaders have emailed the Senior Committee about their concerns and they are now encouraging other Broncos fans to do so.

“The committee is pretty small, but we wanted to provide some resources and momentum for all Broncos fans to use, and if we can mobilize all of Broncos Country…well that’s a lot of voices that can be heard.  The key point to me is just to get people talking.” J.T said about encouraging Broncos fans to campaign through e-mail.

Ever since Art Monk got put into the Hall of Fame after Redskins fans pushed and pushed, it seems possible for old time players to get in, which is the exact stance that Broncos fans are taking.

Still, the committee says if they can get Floyd Little into the the hall of fame, they won’t just stop there.

“If Floyd gets into the Hall, we’ll party for a bit with the rest of Broncos Country, then we’ll get started on a new Seniors Committee candidate, probably somebody like Randy Gradishar.” 

broncosbarSo here is where you come in Bronco Maniacs. Floyd Little deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Because if there was no Floyd, than the Broncos would not even exist anymore. So please, help the MHR Broncos Hall of Fame Committee in getting Little to Canton. All you need to do is send an e-mail to any one of the Senior Committee voters (even all of them) asking them to vote for Little and informing them on why he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

If that is too much, you can just sign this petition which has hundreds and hundreds of fans showing their support for the former Bronco. Here is the link.

Remember, your voice counts and if the Seniors committee hears enough voices than they will have to vote him into the Hall of Fame. Here are all the members of the senior committee:

  • Dan Pompei
  • Rick Gosselin
  • Jon McClain
  • Edwin Pope
  • Ron Borges
  • John Czarnecki (No email, but this:
  • Dave Goldberg
  • Len Shapiro
  • Ira Miller

For more information feel free to view this article by the MHR Broncos Hall of Fame Committee, here is the link to it:

Click Here.

It’s not going to be easy to get Floyd Little into the Hall of Fame, but with enough us, they won’t be able to ignore our voices. So e-mail, campaign and do whatever you can to send Floyd Little to Canton Ohio!

  1. Michael Torres permalink
    August 11, 2009 2:51 PM

    Thank goodness someone is finally stepping up and helping send him to the HOF. He has been looked over for so many years, it is time.

    • Jon Krause permalink
      August 11, 2009 4:41 PM

      Yeah, thanks BM, and MHR, this needs to be done!
      *And as a side note, for the sidebar poll, I vote: ALL OF THE ABOVE!! =D

      Those are the four I’ve wanted in the Hall for ever!

  2. August 11, 2009 6:46 PM

    Great article man. It really feels like the momentum on this thing is starting to grow legs. I may even make the 2000 mile trip to Canton to see Floyd Little’s Induction. I was too young and poor to make it to Elways, but I doubt I’d miss Floyd’s.

    Thanks again for spreading the word!

  3. August 11, 2009 8:02 PM

    You did a great job with this Garrett, it’s awesome. Thanks for presenting Floyd and the committee so well.

  4. mark in mi permalink
    August 11, 2009 11:03 PM

    the hall of fame definately has an east of the mississippi bias. I don’t have much faith in the hall of fame process anymore. I’m still stunned that the TE who owned every record for his position and won 3 superbowls before he retired didn’t get in first ballot. with that said, the most amazing sporting event I ever witnessed was elways induction. it was amazing. I thought for sure canton would be filled with barry sanders fans given the short drive. wrong, dead wrong. 75% of the crowd was pro elway. with the rest evenly split between the other 3. every bar we went to in every surrounding town that weekend was full of elway jerseys. think about that for a second. Canton OH. which is a suburb of cleveland. he’s hated there. bronco fans to this day are still hated by browns fans. yet bronco fans took over the entire cleveland area and surrounding towns. if you’ve ever been to canton you know there isn’t much lodging so u gotta stay in surrounding areas. so when cutler speaks poorly about denver fans he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. now, how did you come up with your QB rankings for next years draft? my main question is how Dan lefevour isn’t in your top 20? and hiller in top 5? lefevour is twice the qb hiller is. kiper has lefevour ( I think) 3rd or 4th in his rankings. they play in the same conference and its common knowledge the dan is the better qb. hiller is my local guy too. (i live in the next town from Kzoo.where hiller plays) just curious as to why lefevour isn’t on your list. the pro scouts love him.

    • August 12, 2009 3:42 AM

      For two reasons I don’t have LeFevour there yet.

      One of them is that I haven’t seen very much film of him opposed to Hiller whose film that I have seen looks excellent.

      The second is that Hiller is a better pro Quarterback because the offense at WMU is much more pro-style. CMU’s isn’t as pro-style as WMU’s so LeFevour needs to have a more giant statistical year to over account for those concerns.

      LeFevour though, with a good Senior performance and a trip to a bowl game, as well as a successful combine could potentially sneak his way into the top 10. I expect him to be at least in the top 20 by mid-way through the college season.

  5. Jon Krause permalink
    August 12, 2009 7:56 AM, and didn’t go throu on my email? just me?

  6. Michael Torres permalink
    August 12, 2009 10:15 AM

    Sent my email in! I’ll tell you if I got any replies!

  7. September 28, 2009 7:32 PM

    Couldn’t Agree with you more, bud! I have built a website based on the fact I want to see Mr. Little get in there. He’s worked with me on making this site great for us the fans. Take a look and spread the word!

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