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Breaking-Broncos Depth Chart Released

August 10, 2009

moreno27The Broncos just released their first depth chart of the 2009 season earlier today and it is nothing short of shocking. The new updates suggest that a. Brandon Marshall will be the 3rd string receiver, b. Mario Haggan is a number 1 Linebacker and c. Knowshon Moreno is the number 4 running back.

Now, we all knew Moreno would be low and is going to have to work his way up but the Brandon Marshall move is surprising and I think ill-advised. As if his relationship with the Broncos was not damaged enough let’s throw this on top of it. As for Mario Haggan, I can’t believe McDaniels put him above Reid and Ayers. What has he done so well?

Geez… Here is the depth chart in its entirety: 

Broncos Offense
WR 19 E. Royal  84 B. Lloyd 11 K. McKinley 12 M. Willis
LT 78 R. Clady 76 T. Polumbus 68 S. Bryant
LG 50 B. Hamilton 70. S. Olsen 60 M. McChesney
C 62 C. Wiegmann 67 K. Lichtensteiger 63 B. Schlueter
RG 73 C. Kuper 61 M. Erickson 72 P. Murray
RT 74 R. Harris 77 B. Gorin 71 C. Oldenburg
TE 89 D. Graham 88 T. Scheffler 81 R. Quinn 87 J. Putzier 85 M. Branson
WR 14 B. Stokley 83 N. Swift 13 T. Shelton
WR 19 J. Gaffney  15 B. Marshall 16 C. Jackson 17 C.J. Jones
QB 8 K.Orton 2 C. Simms  3 T. Brandstater
RB 28 C. Buckhalter 32 L. Jordan 22 P. Hillis 27 K. Moreno 42 R. Torain 34 D. Walker


Broncos Defense
DE 98 R. McBean  79 M. Thomas 
NT 91 R. Fields 75 C. Baker 97 C. Powell
DE  90 K. Peterson 99 M. Askew 64 E. Pedescleaux 93 N. Clemons 65 R. Davis
OLB  57 M. Haggan 95 D. Reid 96 T. Crowder
ILB 55 D.J. Williams 59 W. Woodyard 51 L. Robinson 
ILB 54 A. Davis  46 S. Larsen 48 B. Kelley
OLB 92 E. Dumervil  56 R. Ayers  94 J. Moss
LCB 24 C. Bailey 33 A. Smith 35 D.J. Johnson 40 R. Moulton
RCB 21 A. Goodman  26 J. Williams  25 J. Bell 37 T. Carter
SS 23 R. Hill  30 D. Bruton 36 J. Barrett
FS 20 B. Dawkins  31 D. McBath 39 V. Fox


Broncos Specialists
P 1 B. Kern 4 B. Colquitt
K 5 M. Prater
KO 5 M. Prater 1 B. Kern 4 B. Colquitt
PR 33 A. Smith 12 M. Willis 13 T. Shelton
KR 33 A. Smith 12 M. Willis 13 T. Shelton
PC 66 L. Paxton 73 C. Kuper 88 T. Scheffler
KC 66 L. Paxton 73 C. Kuper 88 T. Scheffler
H 1 B. Kern 4 B. Colquitt 8 K. Orton
  1. mr. me permalink
    August 10, 2009 4:53 PM

    love him or hate him hes not often far off, i quote Bill Williamson

    “It’s not because Gaffney is a better player than Marshall, because he isn’t.”

  2. Jon Krause permalink
    August 10, 2009 4:54 PM

    Umm I have a question? Brandon Marshall (yeah remember that guy) anyways, he ranked #9 On Madden10, so why if Madden, (which is really not all to off most often) if the #1 video game has him tied with #9 in thw whole NFL why do the Broncos have him as the #3 on there depth chart?

    • August 10, 2009 6:05 PM

      Well first off because the team doesn’t go by Madden Rankings. That would be stupid. lol jk

      The reason is that Marshall has only attended 3 of the last 2 weeks of practices. He hasn’t learned the playbook and is also injured. That is why. He will be a number 1 receiver eventually, this is more temporary until he can learn the playbook and get healthy.

  3. mark in mi permalink
    August 11, 2009 3:58 AM

    I’m not trying to beat a dead horse (pardon the pun) but McDaniels just doesn’t get it. All he’s doing is fanning the flames. there is absolutely no way u list your best football player on the entire team as 2nd string. The guys worked his ass off for 3 years now. he’s caught over 200 balls in two years through double coverage and no hint of a running game. Shouldn’t you reward your better players? what big name free agents are gonna want to play for this guy if he keeps this up? I saw the same exact thing happen with the wolverines. new coach, new system… lots of players leave or transfer out and they have worst season since the late 60’s. Does anybody actually think bowlen woulda hired mcdaniels if he knew this was how things were gonna go? @m guessing he was able to take a mulligan, shanny and cutler would still be here. just my opinion. I know I’ve been a downer but hey its with good cause. how embarrassing is it gonna be when cutty comes in and plays his ass of for that half in the 3rd preseason game and orton plays like…… well like kyle orton.

  4. Jon Krause permalink
    August 11, 2009 8:07 AM

    Yeah I’ve heard that many times… and kinda figured that, but I think this a dumb way to go about stuff.

  5. mark in mi permalink
    August 11, 2009 10:45 AM

    some optimism…. I do like what were doing on defense. and who knows maybe chris simms is a better qb than orton. the good news is were just a lucky qb draft pick away from getting back to where we were. maybe we can get a guy like Lefeveure (sp?) in the second round. luckily its gonna be a deep draft for safety and qb next year. so hopefully we take care of two big needs. (dawkins is a band-aid, not a long term solution) so there is cause for optimism….. see, I am capable of it. I do wish a different coach was pulling the strings though! he’s the second coming of Lane Kiffin. Anybody else se the simialarities?

    • August 11, 2009 11:16 AM

      We’ll win 6-8 games I think, but we would have won more with Cutler. That said, in the long term I think we will win more then we would have with Cutler.

      Here is our rankings of the QB’s in this years class if you haven’t seen them:

      (Watch out for Tony Pike.)

      • Jon Krause permalink
        August 11, 2009 4:40 PM

        I think Colt and Tebow are better than Jevan Snead, and Tim Hiller… JMHO

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