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Moreno, Broncos In Intense Negotiations

August 6, 2009

knowshonmoreno-197x300Previously, it was reported that the Broncos and Moreno were part of a logjam between picks 8-12 because of Michael Crabtree asking for top 5 money even though he was barely even drafted in the top 10 picks. Though the Denver Post is saying that the Broncos and Moreno have left the group and are now independently working on a deal and are working very hard to get a deal done with the Broncos.

They also have added that if they were not working independently, there is no way they would have gotten a deal done in this next week. But now, seeing him report to training camp soon looks more and more like a possibility and not a stretch of the imagination. 

Right now, the Broncos and Moreno are in intense negotiations and at a critical point in the contract talks. The rookie is expected to be signed somewhere in between these next 24 hours as there has supposed to have been a major breakthrough in the contract talks.

“We are working into the wee hours of the morning,” Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said about the talks. 

As for now though, Knowshon is in Georgia working out and trying to get in shape for training camp. If they were to have him signed very soon, it would still be very unlikely that he would make tonight’s practice in Invesco Field. 

Hopefully, the Broncos and Moreno will be done with this mess today. I can understand how hard it must be for Moreno to be going through this. On one hand, he wants to be paid fairly. On the other hand, he hears reports daily on the Broncos training camp and how well other players are playing. Something, he can’t be a part of because of these negotiations. 

We’ll keep our eyes peeled so stay here on for the latest updates on the Moreno contract and more. 


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