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When In Doubt Blame Michael Crabtree

July 27, 2009

michaelcrabtree--nfl_medium_540_360The Denver Posts’ Lindsay Jones is reporting why there is such a holdup in signing first round picks this off-season. Apparently, San Francisco 49ers rookie Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree is demanding top 3 money even though he was drafted with the #10 overall pick. He believes that since he was projected as a top 3 talent, he should therefore be payed like one.

This affects us and every other team because if the 49ers were to cave in and pay him like a top 3 pick, the surrounding picks will ask to be payed accordingly. This includes the Broncos #12 pick Knowshon Moreno who has not yet been signed. 

Aaron Maybin is another player reported to be holding out until he hears what Michael Crabtree will be payed. He was drafted after him with the #11 pick and hopes to be payed similarly to what Crabtree wants and might get from the 49ers.

This is a lose, lose situation. If Crabtree waits and waits until the 49ers finally get their way and pays him like a #10 pick we have just waited weeks until we are able to pay Moreno. 

If Crabtree gets payed like a top 3 pick, suddenly every single first rounder is asking for millions more because “they were projected higher.” I think we all realize how ridiculous that is. If Crabtree gets his way, the only good thing that would come out of this is a guaranteed rookie salary cap. 

So we will keep our eye on this one. Stay tuned!


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