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Training Camp: More on Marshall, Moreno & Ayers

July 27, 2009

ayersAs the drama of the first day of training camp unfolds, we are going to be tweeting and blogging all day long about the latest news from Broncos training camp. Here are some of the latest updates that we are hearing: Fox 31’s Josina Anderson is reporting this morning that Brandon Marshall has reported to training camp on time. 

He was reportedly “spotted on the premises” of Broncos training camp according to an inside source. His agent is also in town according to the inside source. It has not been announced whether he has met with either Coach McDaniels, G.M Brian Xanders or Owner Pat Bowlen today. We can safely assume though, he has checked in with the trainers. 

For those of you Broncos fans living in a cave, neither Robert Ayers or Knowshon Moreno have signed yet but the Broncos and their parties have been negotiating throughout the day. Neither have been seen yet on the premises of camp but it does not mean they won’t show up at any time throughout the day.

Not much news has broken as to the Knowshon Moreno contract talks but a inside source with knowledge of Ayers and the Broncos contract talks said that they “were not looking good, still working, but they are still apart on it.”

There isn’t really much to say so far but mainly good news. The Broncos and Ayers seem to be working on it which is better than putting the contract talks to a halt so I am happy with that even if they are not going to well. It’s of course good to hear that Marshall reported on time, to training camp. 

We will be keeping you updated throughout the day, not only on the blog but on our twitter page at Lot’s of news is circulating right now throughout the different Broncos twitter pages and the reporters too. So I highly recommend using that as a source for up to date information. Go Broncos!

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