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Broncos Sign Smith

July 26, 2009

Picture 1Alphonso Smith was one of the most controversial picks of the Broncos 2009 draft. A ballhawking Cornerback from Wake Forest, we gave up a 1st round pick from next year to get a second from the Panthers which we spent on him. 

Today though, we signed him to the team on the team before the beginning of training camp for rookies and injured players tomorrow. It is supposed to be a 4 year deal according to Drew Rosenhaus’s twitter page. 

This leaves David Bruton, Robert Ayers, Tom Brandstater, Knowshon Moreno and Darcel McBath to be signed in one evening. Just what I was hoping wouldn’t happen. 

We still have a little while to sign at least one of the first rounders. Honestly, this is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I am really disappointed in the front office that they haven’t been able to sign 5 players! This is just getting ridiculous.

Whether they will hold out or not is up in the air. 

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