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2009 Preview: Analyzing The Quarterbacks

July 24, 2009

Hey you New England folks! Get to bed. It’s 11:00 and we need you to have enough sleep to get ready for Broncos training camp in only a couple of days! Excited? I am. That is why I am giving you this late night reading where I will analyze the Quarterback position for you all, with extreme care and lots of thought. Yes. I do have good things to say about Kyle Orton.

So if Jamie Dukes is reading this, (which he isn’t) I would like to give you a spoiler. Kyle Orton gets a grade over an 8. SUCK ON THAT DUKES! Anyway… Enjoy!


Kyle Orton was received in a trade with the Chicago Bears, for Jay Cutler. While in Chicago he threw for almost 3,000 yards and finished with a career record of 21 wins and 12 losses. Orton, since the trade has been absolutely eaten alive by the main stream media with false accusations and foolish remarks like saying he has poor arm strength. Let’s take a look at his skills:

Picture 1Orton first and foremost is an intelligent Quarterback. His instincts are very good and he is a team leader. His arm accuracy is also very solid and while he will on occasion under throw a receiver, it doesn’t mean that he can’t make the long ball. If you watch his film you will see that he will actually make great long plays.

Orton will make the roster, I have no doubt about it. He is the starting Quarterback and while he isn’t the incumbent, it seems that McD has a love affair with him. I also think that Orton will do very well and be a solid QB in Denver. He is a lot better than he gets credit for and I have a lot of respect for him. It should be really fun to hear from him during training camp. Grade: 8.2


Tom Brandstater is a rookie QB from Fresno State who McDaniels drafted in the 6th round. Compared to both Matt Cassel and Tom Brady for his name, round and build, he should be an interesting player to watch progress through his career. Some fans think that McDaniels will follow the Mike Shanahan era and send the third QB to the practice squad but some see him on the active roster.

tombrandstaterprofileI like Brandstaters’ physcial aspects the most out of anything. He is tall, strong and athletic. His accuracy is great on intermediate throws he and seems like a decent fit for the spread offense. Brandstater is also a hard worker and a leader. The problem is his arm strength is only average at best and his upside is limited.

He will have the fight for a job on the active roster, but it’s safe to say that he will get at least a practice squad spot. Right now, that is all he should really be concerned about but if he plays well this training camp we can probably assume he will get a chance to hold the clipboard for someone playing not someone else holding a clipboard. I like him and will be hoping for good things from him in the future. Grade: 6.4


Chris Simms embodies the spirt of this team and it’s fans: Toughness, a drive to win and a want to return to greatness. Simms got short changed of his chance to succeed in the NFL in Tampa Bay as he battled off injuries and impatient coaches. After a terrible injury, including him playing through an entire game with a ruptured spleen miraculously, he couldn’t play for two whole seasons until he finally got a job as a 3rd string QB with the Tennessee Titans.

chrissimmsprofileNow Simms is back though as the backup QB for the Broncos and what I see most is his leadership and toughness. Simms isn’t a great QB but he is good enough to get us through a couple of games if need be and not make us feel uncomfortable. His skill set isn’t tremendous but it is easy to like him. 

Could he potentially be the surprise cut of training camp? Yes. Will it happen? No. Simms will probably spend this year holding a clipboard and maybe spending sometime in for Kyle Orton should an injury come back to haunt him or if he plays poorly. I don’t expect that to happen but I do expect to see at some point this season Simms come into play. We just won’t know when. Grade: 6.8


This position group is the living embodiment of what McDaniels wants this team to play like. It is filled with system players who are tough and have been short changed of a chance to play for a former team. I have to say I am really happy with this position group and am really excited to see Orton play his first game. I will catch some flack for the high rating for Orton but let me explain it:

That rating applies to how he fits in the system, and how he will play when called upon. If he was having to do what Jay Cutler was asked to do last year, I would give him about a 6 to a 7. But he isn’t and for what he is being asked to do, I think he will be excellent at it. I have no cuts in this group and I think they will all make the active roster so there it is. Go Broncos!

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  1. mark in mi permalink
    July 25, 2009 9:14 PM

    lousy coach, noodle armed qb and a wasted draft. wow, has it really gotten this bad. the future was so bright now its a bad dream that I can’t wake up from.

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