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Seth Olsen Signed?

July 23, 2009

81859We are hearing unconfirmed reports, (via Rotoworld) that rookie Offensive Lineman Seth Olsen has been signed by the Denver Broncos. You can view Seth Olsens player page here

According to Rotoworlds’ player page, Olsen and the Broncos agreed to terms with fourth-round OG Seth Olsen on a four-year contract, including a $415,000 signing bonus. 

Now, this is not confirmed at all and we have really know idea how accurate this is. But Rotoworld is running with it and we find it interesting so we are going to report it.

Hopefully it is true and it would leave us with 6 players to be signed in only a week. The Broncos seem to be kicking it into overdrive and if we could just have a really high profile player signed (Moreno, Ayers) I would feel a lot more comfortable. 

Until this is confirmed, Go Broncos!

UPDATE: The Denver Post is confirming the signing but not citing the league, the Broncos or anyone for that matter. has not confirmed the signing either. When it is confirmed by the team themselves we will report it here on this page. Stay tuned!


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