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July 19, 2009

Bronco Madness is looking for a new Co-Editor to be my partner in crime *ahem* Broncos coverage and is hoping to find someone that would be interested in doing it. Sadly, our Co-Editor Josh Vitale will be leaving for Maryland University this next year and will now be leaving the job to a new blogger. We wish him the best of luck though and hope that we will be reading him in the papers in only a couple years!

We don’t have any qualifications, experience, or credentials needed. (They would be nice though.) All we want is someone who a. knows and understands football, b. is a Denver Broncos fan, c. knows they can string together at least a full paragraph, and last but not least thinks they can understand a basic wordpress posting system. Trust me, it is not that hard.

All I need is a 600-700 word article which can be either news or an editorial. One of the main requirements of being able to be a Co-Editor is the ability to post news, not just editorials so we would suggest a news article. Also I would just like to give you 5 to 6 questions on football to test your knowledge but if it is clear from the article you get it, this won’t be needed.

This is a golden opportunity to put your writing skills, or lack there of in the spot light in a way that not most people can get them. Co-Editor is the second highest position at Bronco and we would love to see what you got!

Just email me if you are interested at!


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