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Broncos, Moreno Open Contract Talks

July 13, 2009 (now joined with NBC) is reporting that the Denver Broncos have entered contract talks with rookie Running Back Knowshon Moreno, their #12 overall pick, news that has not been picked up by any other major news sites.

Usually the Broncos wait until the eve of training camp or a bit before then to sign their first round picks, like many other teams. Last year first round pick Ryan Clady wasn’t signed until the morning of training camp. But now for the first time with two first round picks, the new regime is making some changes and will be getting a head start if in fact PFT is correct.

I usually trust PFT, unless it has to do with Terry Bradshaw so I will go about things as if the Broncos are in fact talking to Moreno and his agent. 

As of this point we have only signed Center Blake Schluter, but I do not expect him to be the only signed Bronco for long as we still have 9 more picks left. That is unless Josh McDaniels is looking for another way to peeve some very temperamental Broncos fans.

As for first round picks in general, only Mark Sanchez and Matt Stafford are under contract. The way it is looking though, Moreno might be the next. 

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