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Jabar Gaffney, The Epitome Of McD

July 12, 2009

jabargaffneyJosh McDaniels in many peoples opinions has come to the Broncos and basically ruined us. Whether you necessarily agree with that statement or not, this week we saw something that defined what McDaniels has been doing with this team. Jabar Gaffney, is a former New England Patriot who played backup Wide Receiver for them multiple years. 

When McDaniels came this year, Gaffney was the first player he signed to the team. Gaffney has never had more than 500 yards in a season, not to be underestimated but has gained the respect of many Patriot fans who think that he has great potential. I do not totally disagree with this statement but with news breaking that he is the backup plan for Brandon Marshall I am not that happy. 

Yes, we need a backup plan as any team does. But the fact that we have chosen a journeyman receiver whose only real plus is that he has a deep understanding of McDaniels playbook is disappointing to say the absolute least. 

Now, I don’t mean for this to be another bashing McDaniels article. For a long time, I have preached that we can not really judge McDaniels until he has coached a game. The only games that he has coached are as a Coordinator and he has done well as one. That said, I think this news has summed up not only Josh McDaniels as a person but his total approach to the game. 

I do like Jabar Gaffney, don’t get me wrong. He is a valuable asset because we do in fact need players that understand this very complicated playbook well. Nonetheless, I would rather have Brandon Marshall starting than Gaffney. It takes away every single reason we have to say that Kyle Orton will be better because of the team around him. (Except Eddie Royal of course).

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The Broncos when they traded away Jay Cutler, I supported them. Jay Cutler had been a total liability to this team when he was disgruntled as any QB would. 

Don’t get me wrong, Brandon Marshall has been just as obnoxious. The difference is that a. when we got Jay Cutler we got a more reliable replacement than Jabar Gaffney and b. disgruntled Wide Receivers are not as much leaders on the field as QB’s and will not affect the locker room in the same negative way that Jay Cutler would have.

Yet, I do say that we need to trade Brandon Marshall. Let me elaborate: not now. I think we need to do what the Patriots did this last off-season with Matt Cassel. Franchise him, and then trade him so we can either get a good Wide Receiver in the trade or one in Free Agency, or even the draft. The truth is, finding a good Wide Receiver is pretty easy in the off-season. 

I would even settle for trading him now if we got Braylon Edwards or Anquan Boldin or another player like those two with a first round pick. These are Wide Receivers we are talking about, finding a disgruntled one is a dime a dozen. 

Jabar Gaffney has defined exactly who Josh McDaniels has become as a coach. He chooses system over talent. He chooses Patriots over Broncos. McDaniels is making mistakes left and right. There is no doubt about it, and this is my first sign that he really doesn’t know what he is doing. I know that sounds foolish after McJayGate but now he has just proved it. I will give him the benefit of the doubt but that is only because there is a lot to doubt right now. 

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