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Brandon Marshall Hates Denver.

July 2, 2009

Stop the presses lol. Anywho, according to PFT (and yes I realize this is two days late) Brandon Marshall quoted as such: “I hate this f–king city.” he said to the Denver police as he was being arrested. Marshall and his agent have niether confirmed or denied this report.

He also reportedly said, that he wished they would just trade him. This was two years ago, mind you, but you can see more and more how he probably still hates this f–king city.

This totally goes against his quote during the season, that he hoped to spend the rest of his career as a Denver Bronco. Let’s not read too much into this, expect that he has a dirty mouth (as if we couldn’t have already assumed that this would be the case).

Marshall probably hated Denver to begin with, we started winning, he hated the firing of Mike Shanahan and now he wants out again. The problem? He still as just as little leverage now as he did when he made these quotes.

And yes, 5 more days until I leave Norway. Hope all is well!


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