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Little Bits of News, From Norway.

June 26, 2009

Picture 1Not much big news has happened while I have been on my European Vacation, you know if you don’t count the surprising death of Michael Jackson. But, I am speaking more to the Broncos. As for them, I decided it would just be easier to recap what I have missed.

On Thursday, Casey Wiegmann the Broncos recently resigned Center faced the death of his friend and coach Ed Thomas who was tragically shot in the head. Here is what he had to say about the truly saddening event:

“I was extremely saddened to hear the news this morning about the passing of Coach Ed Thomas. He was a great Christian man. I learned a lot from him, both as a player and a man. Last year, you could see exactly what the football program means to Aplington-Parkersburg in the way the community pulled together to restore the football field after the tornado. That is a reflection of Coach Thomas. I cannot begin to count the number of lives he affected in this community. I know I carry many of the lessons I learned from him with me every day. My family and I pray for Coach Thomas’ family.”

May Mr. Thomas rest in peace.

The Broncos also received a Wide Receiver off of waiver wires this weak after not being able to get Renardo Foster the week before. C.J. Jones, most recently of the Kansas City Chiefs, was awarded to the Denver Broncos Wednesday off waivers.

Jones was released by the Patriots in 2008 after working with Broncos new head coach Josh McDaniels. He will join former Patriot teammates, Lamont Jordan, Jabar Gaffney and Lonnie Paxton. The Chiefs signed him in March 2009 and released him on June 19.

Finally, Albert Haynesworth the star Defensive Tackle from the Washington Redskins talked about how he was signed by the Redskins this week and how the Buccaneers were willing to pay him a lot more money during Free Agency. The reason we should care? He also added that the Broncos displayed a reasonable amount of interest but did not specify if they offered him a contract.

I am boarding my cruise today after 2 days in Amsterdam and will probably have a few more updates these next few weeks. Go Broncos!


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