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Packed Boxes? We’re Screwed.

June 13, 2009

Picture 2Things right now couldn’t be worse for the Denver Broncos. It hasn’t been about two months since the Jay Cutler saga and now we open the B-Marsh saga. Wheee!!! I mean seriously, how stupid could we possibly be?

For those of you with short attention spans, let me remind you that yesterday Brandon Marshall failed to show up for Mandatory Mini-Camps. But don’t worry, because McD following the incident said Marshall would show up later in the day. 

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Marshall showed up, met with owner Pat Bowlen, and left. Okay, that would make sense. Are you ready for the punch line? 

He was carrying packed boxes with him. Not good.

It is now all but certain that the problem that Marshall is having lies in his contract and he wants a new deal done now. But, the problem is that he is quite the risky investment with his law run ins and frequent off-season injuries. He, I guess doesn’t see it that way. 

But it is risky to wait on his part because he doesn’t have the same “elite” Quarterback that he had last year who could help him but up big time numbers. Chances are, he might have a slight drop off in production. But one more time, let me warn McD: Don’t mess this up. If you know, you haven’t already done so. 

  1. Bryan permalink
    June 13, 2009 8:17 AM

    Brandon Marshall is a bust for the Broncos. He likely has lost at least a step in his speed due to injury and the same injury can be very easily aggravated.
    We have Gaffney, Royal, Stokely, Sheffler, Grahamn and a few solid rookies. Not to mention, Hillis and Moreno receiving out of the back field. Marshall has no fit in that stable if he doesn’t want to be apart of the “team”. He will be very regretful after he leaves Denver. Trade him for a high draft pick or another receiver that has a team attitude and isn’t a self righteous woman beating thug….

    Good riddance “B.Marsh”

    • June 13, 2009 8:49 AM


      That’s the way that I think McD and friends are looking at it but do you want to know why I am afraid? I am worried that Royal may not be able to totally hold down the number 1 receiving job, i.e Peerless Price who was an excellent number 2 receiver but when he took the jump to number one he was a tremendous bust.

      My other concern is that if we were to in fact trade him away, we might not get that big of a return. There are three other receivers being shopped that in some cases are just as good in Ochocinco, Boldin and Edwards. So, the best we might get is a second rounder. I honestly want him to stay despite the previously mentioned but like you said, if he doesn’t want to be here, whatever.

  2. TruBlu permalink
    June 13, 2009 1:01 PM

    Man ya’ll crazy… B-Marshall is a young donkey with sticky hands. He is irreplaceable when it come to the receiving crop we have now. 6″3 230 lbs, are you serious. He’s a proven receiver, this lil young coach has to prove his self. It only looks like to me that he’s not being smart at all with this Marshall thing. he needs to be on his jock. He’s the only proven offensive threat we have. Royal is good but only on Marshall’s behalf.Unless were gonna trade for a top notch receiver, this whole Marshall thing needs to be reconciled. I wanna win. Not patch a team together. We already have an orton of a QB. We can’t keep going backwards man. we need to compete.

  3. June 14, 2009 4:06 AM


    I am curious why you say to McDaniels don’t screw this up when in fact it is a terrible situation that Marshall has put Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels in? Marshall says he dropped alot of passes last year due to numbness in his hand from his accident. His hip is still an issue and his court case coming up could lead to a suspension. No one with any common sense would say to him right now, yeah here’s a pile of money. Brandon’s agent either has put him up to this or needs to sit him down and say “son, your timing couldn’t be worse”.

    I love Brandon Marshall but there is no way we can offer him a deal now. What we can do is tell him we negotiate as soon as the court case is behind him and his hip shows he is ok.

    What are you expecting McDaniels to do? How can you say he can screw this up and with that statement I am sure you are blaming him for the Bus Cook/Jay Cutler issue we have already experienced.

    This is my first time on this site.

    • June 14, 2009 7:38 AM


      First off I hope you are enjoying the site. but here is my reason. I believe that it was mainly Jay Cutler’s fault in the situation and I also do believe that Brandon Marshall has been extremely tactless when asking for a contract. He chose a terrible time, I do agree. But we can’t say is that the Jay Cutler issue was totally Jay’s fault. I think that McD may have come with an attitude which may have been somewhat inexperienced on his part.

      I fear, that he might come to the bargaining table with a terrible attitude basically ignoring his wants. I agree with your second paragraph totally. That is what McD NEEDS to do. I am telling him to simply tread lightly with these kinds of situations because he did hurt the Broncos in the Jay Cutler situation. Do I think it was all his fault? No. These situations are not nearly black and white and if you read back I was totally sided with him through the Cutler battle.

      One more thing, this may be terrible timing but here may be his agents worry if he is currently encouraging him to do this: Kyle Orton, while I do like him a lot, is not nearly as a good a QB as Jay Cutler and simply won’t have as big statistics. This will hurt Marshalls stats, and hurt his value next year at the bargaining table.

      I mean let’s face it, it takes two sides to come to an agreement and I just want McD to consider Marshall in this.

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