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Breaking-Orton Named Starter!

June 13, 2009

Picture 4After day 2 of the Denver Broncos mini-camp, Quarterback Kyle Orton has been named starter of the Denver Broncos after a battle with Chris Simms throughout OTA’s. 

Orton we received when we Jay Cutler and in exchange also got two first rounders. It was expected that he would be named the starting QB eventually but this hiring goes to show that he must have mastered the playbook quickly. 

“We said we would make the decision when it was clear and apparent who the starter would be and it is clear to us now,” McDaniels said. 

The Purdue college alumnus compiled decent statistics last year in the span of 15 games. He had a total of 2,972 passing yards with 18 touchdowns and 12 Interceptions in the conservative Lovie Smith offense in Chicago. 

“Just because we have named him the starter though, doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to have competition. Chris has a great attitude and will continue to push for the starting job. Kyle has the position but let’s see if he can keep it.” -McDaniels

Kyle has progressed very quickly over the last 4 years and while is not a star is still considered to be in the upper tier of NFL QB’s. He is supposed to improve even more under Josh McDaniels guidance. 

Some Kyle Orton haters have criticized him saying that he can not put together a big game. That is simply not true. Before he was injured later in the season he registered the three best passing yardage totals of his career in three consecutive weeks, including a career-high 334 yards at Detroit. 

They both have shown good attitudes and know that nothing is determined in June.” -McDaniels

Anything could happen from this point forward but best of luck to Kyle and go Broncos!


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