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Mile High Salute w/ Mike Koele: The Eye of the Storm

June 8, 2009

Mike Shanahan

Right now we are in the eye of the storm. The storm has swept over us, caused damage, destruction and now we find ourselves safe, with nothing to talk about. So maybe what would be best now is to look back on the half of the storm that has past…

Mike Shanahan is Fired: The storm arrives. Pat Bowlen has decided to take a page from Barack Obama and bring “change” to Denver. He comes to the stage drunk, distraught, and honestly doesn’t make anyone feel better about this surprise firing. Jay Cutler is simply not happy.

Josh McDaniels is Hired: Most Broncos fans at first opposed the hiring of Mike Shanahan and thought it was a hypocritical choice by Bowlen. He said he wanted change, but all we were bringing was a younger Mike Shanahan with a couple more Super Bowl rings. I like many did not like this choice. 

McDaniels Signs Dawkins: If anything was to rebuild our confidence in the Broncos franchise it may have been signing Brian Dawkins. Dawkins is a true leader and a great player too. Broncos fans were extremely happy in this signing and it certainly seemed like a sign of good things to come. 

McDaniels Attempts to Trade Cutler: If that feeling of confidence didn’t last long here was why. Only three days after news of Dawkins’ signing broke, Adam Schefter reported that Jay Cutler was mentioned in trade talks with the Buccaneers and Patriots to get Matt Cassel. Jay Cutler had a hissy fit only to be outdone by Broncos fans.

Cutler Demands a Trade: Broncos fans through most of the off season supported Jay Cutler but as news arrived that he in fact demanded a trade a long time ago and that Josh McDaniels was simply catering to his wishes it had a lot of Bronco fans turn their allegiances back to the Broncos, the team and not Jay Cutler. 

Cutler is Traded To The Bears: Jay Cutler is finally after being shopped to the Redskins, Lions and Buccaneers among others is traded surprisingly to the Bears and Kyle Orton, two first round picks and a third rounder is sent in return. Many end up in support of the trade when we draft Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers.

So yes, things are boring and we are in the eye of the storm. But honestly, after reading the above is some calmness really that bad?

  1. tim permalink
    June 8, 2009 12:50 PM

    the storm arrived after 2005 when we started missing the playoffs

    • June 8, 2009 5:23 PM

      I totally agree hahaha… an interesting dissection though Olivia. You are right, it’s nice to have some calmness finally.

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