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Broncos’ May 28th OTA Report

May 28, 2009

Picture 3Today we have yet another report from passing camp on the heels of the surprising cut of Running Back J.J Arrington. Luckily for you finding information from todays camp was a lot easier assuming it was open to the media. A lot is going on and Bronco Madness will be here to cover everything. Here is all you need to know:

  • Robert Ayers looks like he will be staying true to the rush linebacker position . As for the rest of the linebackers, the first team consisted of: Ryan McBean, Kenny Peterson and Ronald Fields on the line with Williams and Davis playing Middle Linebacker, Dumervil and Reid playing outside and then in the secondary, Bailey and Goodman at Corner with Hill and Dawkins playing Safety. 

  • The defense in two minute drills looked absolutely dangerous especially for the secondary who batted down most of the passes thrown. 

  • Matt Prater went 8-8 in the Field Goal drills. 

  • If we have :01 second on the clock and we are in the Red Zone we look like we are going to be fine. Chris Simms was able to throw a beautiful touchdown pass to Daniel Graham to “win the game”. Simms looked very good today. 

  • Spencer Larsen spent some time both in the backfield and with the linebackers.

  • When asked whether Chris Simms and Kyle Orton (currently battling for the number one position) were learning at a good pace, McD answered: “They don’t have a choice.”

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  1. mr. me permalink
    May 28, 2009 4:53 PM

    Spencer Larsen is sooo cool i love him. He’s a FOOTBALL PLAYER.

    “Defense in two minute drills looked absolutely dangerous especially for the secondary who batted down most of the passes thrown.”

    With orton as QB thats probably not that hard.

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