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Elway Fine With His Sons Decision

May 18, 2009

20090515_011739_sp15elwayEarlier this off-season we put up a post on how John Elway’s son Jack Elway had decided to quit Arizona State Football. John Elway said Thursday that he is comfortable with the decision made by his son to quite playing football.

Luckily for Jack, John finally realized just how good he was and just how much pressure that put on his son. Jack, who was well down on the depth chart announced his leave through a Arizona State press release. Despite that though, he will remain a student at ASU.

“He sounds better,” John Elway said. “Just talking to him, it’s like the world has been lifted off his shoulders. So I’m happy for him.”

Elway also added in an interview to the Denver Post that Jack never really had the love for football that he had in college. Personally, I am glad to see him quit. It is not easy to live up to any one who has played in the NFL let alone one of the greatest players ever.

“Obviously, he had the talent to play in college. But it wasn’t in his makeup. As I told him when we were talking about it, ‘You know, if you don’t love the game of football, it’s too hard. It’s physical and it’s a brutal sport. You have to absolutely love it.’ “

Again, best of luck to Jack and of course John as things are well… slow on the site these days. 

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  1. Jon Krause permalink
    May 18, 2009 1:16 PM

    waaaaaaaaay to slow dude 😦 no broncos news we at least need some pixs cant wait till broncos camp!!!

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