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Bronco Madness, Meet Facebook

May 13, 2009

Okay. So I have created this clever facade that I am technically adapt. Reasons why you know I am not: I still use I can’t make any person changes to my themes. My photoshop skills are bad verging on horrible.

But, while I do not have a personal one, Bronco Madness has set up a Bronco Madness facebook group which you can join and connect with other Bronco Madness fans, readers, and possibly writers. We tried launching this when I came back from my hiatus but after Eddie Royal launched an account and our friends at the same time BroncoTalk and Mile High Report created theirs it reminded us we had one. 

So please, it’s not that hard. (Even though it took me a little while to find out.) If you have a facebook account you scroll under our “profile picture” and click Join Group. All you have to do is click here to redirect to it. Don’t worry, there is no human way that we or anyone else can steal your identity or whatever is making you hesitate. 

Oh and if we haven’t told why, here it is: Get early mock drafts before they are released, find out new site updates, read exclusive articles, and any other crap we can think up along the way. So enjoy and join! Please. Or if we are being too nice: do it or else. That is all. Go Broncos!

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  1. Jon Krause permalink
    May 14, 2009 10:04 AM

    dude javon walker had ANOTHER surgery! on his own
    maybe the broncos were smart in let’n him go

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