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Scouting Report: Micah Johnson

May 12, 2009

Micah Johnson, ILB, Kentucky, 6’2, 254 lbs

Strengths: Good size for the position … Can change direction quickly … Highly athletic … Very strong and tackles with a lot of power … Playmaker … Versatile … A lot of upside.

Weaknesses: Very inconsistent … While he tackles hard, he is not very reliable when doing so … Doesn’t have good awareness … Doesn’t have a good reaction time … Doesn’t blitz well … His speed is lacking at times.

Overview: Micah Johnson some think will be a 3rd to mid-round pick. They are so wrong it is ridiculous. Johnson will be lucky if he goes drafted. The reason is because he is lacking a lot of the intangibles to play pro football. He doesn’t react well, doesn’t have good instincts, and is really lacking in awareness. You can’t coach those things. He should be a late round pick, but a high value there.

Late rounder/undrafted

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