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McDaniels’ Swiss Army Knife:

May 9, 2009
Broncos Camp Football

Moreno, Hillis & Jordan

Josh McDaniels has a swiss army knife right now in his pocket and it is called his group of running backs. Lots of speculation will surround the group coming into the season but I can guarantee you one thing: Someone will come out as a star.

The reason you might call it a swiss army knife is that it is one machine with multiple uses. You have the impact Running Back Knowshon Moreno, your power Fullback Peyton Hillis, and your receiving running back Correll Buckhalter with so much more to boot.

We have so many players in there, we will probably not be able to utilize all of their unique skills. I personally am really excited for this team. It all starts though with Knowshon Moreno, and his speed, agility and moves. Simply put, Knowshon Moreno in my opinion is the rookie of the year and might be the best rookie running back since Adrian Peterson.

Not only is he just a great running back by himself but he has been put behind the best Offensive Line in the AFC and that is a recipe for success. I also can’t wait to see him behind Peyton Hillis who in 3 years I just know is going to be one of the best Fullbacks in the NFL if not THE best. I could even see him pounding it about 2 times a game for some short yards.

But the person with Knowshon Moreno who I think will be the most interesting to watch is Darius Walker who is very similar to the beloved Kevin Faulk in New England. He is small and has a large repertoire of both pass catching and running moves as well as the ability to stay healthy. That is why I see him making the roster. 

So with two running backs and a fullback I see only one Running Back making the roster besides the above. Who do I think it will be? I predict Correll Buckhalter will be the final running back to make the roster. He is as well a bit like Kevin Faulk and while he has not stayed healthy in the past I don’t think it will stop McDaniels from letting him on the team.

But there is a chance that McD will decide he wants another running back and if that is the case he will keep LaMont Jordan which will be a very unpopular move. But McDaniels likes players he has coached in New England and wants the versatility and short yardage ability of Jordan. So yes, McDaniels right now has quite the swiss army knife, and he for once has the choice to customize it. 

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