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The Broncos: A Work In Progress

May 3, 2009

Knowshon Moreno & Robert Ayers are introduced to the media by coach McDaniels

Next season is not the Broncos season. It’s just not. The Broncos do not plan on using only one off-season to rebuild this team. We will need two at the least. That said, the Broncos have made a great start on doing that. Here are the facts: The Broncos were not the kind of team that could go all the way with just Jay Cutler and a poor team.

We needed a good team overall more than we needed a good Quarterback. That is just how we have handled this off-season. We felt that a good team was more valuable than a great QB. Take Robert Ayers for example. The Broncos had they not traded away Cutler would only have Moreno. 

If both picks work out well, having an elite Running Back and elite Defensive End will be much more valuable than an elite QB. The only reason teams value players over picks is that they have proven what they can do. Risk will always surround draft picks but usually not players. Right now Broncos fans are angrier than when the Cowboys traded Herchel Walker away.

Guess what? Had the Cowboys not traded Walker away, they would have never won 4 Super Bowls in the 90’s. If the Broncos follow that same pattern than trading Jay Cutler away will be the best decision we ever make. Josh McDaniels will forever be remembered as one of the all time greatest coaches, maybe even at the level of Mike Shanahan.

I just need to remind you guys not to expect a Super Bowl run this year, it won’t happen. There is no chance. At best we go 9-7 but I am looking at 8-8 right now. We have created a good start with Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers, both potential stars. But for now, we need to look to the next season. Those are the facts, like them or not. 


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