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Week In Review-Draft, Free Agents, Selvin Young

May 2, 2009

I am back from vaction and I have one thing to say about the draft: Really Josh McDaniels? Really? I mean, this is just sort of sad. Are you really that happy with our front seven? Or are you just incompetent? I have been giving Josh McDaniels the benefit of the doubt so far and have stood by him during the Jay Cutler situation, among others. That stops today.

I still lend him my full support but he no longer gets the benefit of the doubt. There were only two worth while day 2 picks and they were David Bruton who I thought was much better than the previous picked Darcel McBath and Tom Brandstater who is a very underrated QB who I have watched a lot of film of. 

The rest of the picks I felt sort of ho-hum about except for one terrible pick. Seth Olsen. Yeah sure, he is great blocking for the run and will complement the Moreno pick nicely and be effective in goal line situations. But if we want a guard, why not the consensus number 1, Duke Robinson? Or even better, Jason Phillips.

The draft I overall would give a C+ but here is the thing, it doesn’t matter what we think right now. It depends what we think next year when we see who breaks out. Other than that I will say that I liked our Unrestricted Free Agents and I think we found a potential starter actually in Rulon Davis who is an excellent Defensive End who could fight for the starting job.

What I can also tell you now, is that McDaniels must intend for Robert Ayers to play Defensive End, if you don’t draft a true Defensive End later. Also I can’t believe we didn’t draft Jarron Gilbert and instead we took Richard Quinn. That just disappoints me in the coaching staffs poor decision on going after offense before Defense.

I like the Selvin Young drop, and I am really excited for Knowshon Moreno coming in here and turning this into an elite offense. There is not much more I can say, but it will all surface soon. (also I have a bit of jet lag.) Go Broncos!


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