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Mile High Salute w/ Mike Koele: The 2009 Draft, Day 1

April 27, 2009
Knowshon Moreno

Knowshon Moreno

Today was the day that the Josh McDaniels hating crowd would be silenced. That is what I thought going in at least. Entering the draft this year Denver had some very glaring needs on defense, specifically with the front 7. There seemed to be many viable options and with Denver having 2 picks in the first round (12 and 18) I figured we would see the future of the Denver defense unfold before our eyes. To say the least, today I was thrown for a loop.

Here is how the first and second rounds went for the Broncos along with some commentary. To be honest, I have to give it a few days before I do a decent and in-depth analysis because I am not very pleased.  I will cover both draft days at that point but here is my take so far…


1st Round, pick #12 overall: Knowshon Moreno, Running Back out of Georgia

I am actually not upset at this choice albeit a little surprised.  The team clearly went for the “best player available” approach here, passing on a rich line backing field from USC alone as well as Brian Orakpo to help with the defense.  Moreno is a very talented back and should help open the offense up with his quick moves combined with a power running game that is hard to find.

1st Round, pick #18 overall (from the Cutler trade to Chicago): Robert Ayers, Line Backer/Defensive End out of Tennessee

This pick I am pretty happy with, thrilled actually.  Ayers is a very versatile and solid pass rusher that can work in a 4-3 or a 3-4 defensive scheme.  Some draft analysts have pegged him as the top defender in this class, but time will tell.  This choice absolutely addresses a need for the Broncos in their transition to a 3-4 defense and this young man will make an immediate impact.

2nd Round, pick #37 overall (from Seattle): Alphonso Smith, Corner Back out of Wake Forest

This is where I started wondering what was going on to be honest.  Smith is a fantastic potential “shut down” corner and a very solid player who I am excited will be joining the team.  That said, giving up a 2010 1st round pick to the Seahawks to move up to get him is a major gamble, and not something I am pleased about.  That pick was not Chicago’s either, it was Denver’s…and Denver will likely (based on schedule, players, etc.) finish with a top 15 pick again if not a top 10 pick next year.  By that logic, McDaniels and company are banking that Smith is top 10 talent.  I sure hope so.  He is a little small but talented as hell and will make for a very formidable opponent opposite Champ Bailey.  He can be a great future star for the team, no question.  I simply don’t like what we gave up to get him.

2nd Round, pick #48 overall: Darcel McBath, Safety/Corner Back out of Texas Tech

McBath is a safety that was converted from the corner back position, so he has the athleticism to make plays.  He is described as a ball-hawking safety which is nice but at 198 lbs, I am not sure how he will fare against the run.  I am actually not a fan at all of this pick.  He is a nice player and will learn from Brian Dawkins but seriously, did Denver need a safety here when there were some very nice options for the defensive line left on the board?

2nd Round, pick #64 overall: Richard Quinn, Tight End out of North Carolina

This pick just pisses me off actually.  Denver traded 2, count them, 2 3rd round picks to the Steelers for this slot to take a tight end that is known for great blocking, and 12 total receptions in his collegiate career.  I am not knocking the kid, great blocking is wonderful but he was slotted AT BEST as a mid to late 3rd round pick and even as late as the 6th round.  Way too much given up for this choice in my opinion, and I just don’t get it.  An interesting plot thickens with this choice, does it possibly mean we have seen the last of Tony Scheffler in a Broncos uniform?  Scheffler is a great receiving tight end but perhaps he doesn’t fit the new style.  In any case, I hate this pick and we wasted 2 picks tomorrow on something we could have had later.

Well kids, that is the short of it all for now.  Day one of the 2009 NFL draft is over and I am not happy.   My grades so far for Denver…

Round 1: Solid B, I think they addressed one need with Ayers and took a chance on a potential superstar in Moreno.

Round 2: D-, sorry but Smith is the only pick I like here…and we could have had him at #48 without giving up a #1 next year.  The rest are failed picks that don’t help the areas we need help with.


  1. May 1, 2009 5:42 AM

    The broncos are morons for taking knowshom moreno with the 12thh pick. U clowns should have gone with defense with both first round picks.

  2. May 4, 2009 12:08 PM

    Time will tell I guess, and it is Knowshon Moreno

    it always makes me laugh when someone calls someone else a moron, and spells every other word wrong…how proud Charger nation must be

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