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Broncos Trade Up, Select Kenny McKinley

April 26, 2009
Kenny McKinley

Kenny McKinley

The Broncos traded up eight spots in the fifth round in order to select Kenny McKinley, a wide receiver out of South Carolina.  At 6-1 and 190, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier called him the best receiver he has ever coached.  He is not a very physical guy, but he is long and athletic, and has fairly good hands.  He will need to bulk up, however, because there is concern about his almost skinny frame, and whether he can withstand an NFL hit.

With this pick, the only reaction I have is confusion.  With Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney, and Brandon Stokely on roster, I thought WR would be the least of the Broncos’ concerns in the draft.  But, they traded up to get another WR.  One thing is certain though; Josh McDaniels must have a world of confidence in the front seven he has now, because he has yet to spend more than one draft pick on the front seven.  I hope this works out for him.


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