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Draft Day 1: Some Good, Some Bad, Some Ugly

April 25, 2009

Knowshon Moreno

Day 1 of the 2009 NFL Draft has concluded, and the Broncos, who started the day with three Day 1 picks, ended the day with five selections in the first two rounds. The day started off on a somewhat confusing note, however, as the Broncos selected Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno 12th overall.

Moreno, seen by many as the best back in the draft, was not expected to go to the Broncos, as almost everyone expected them to draft a player to help them fix their porous defense. Instead, the Broncos drafted a franchise RB. I believe this pick can work though, as I have long been a fan of Moreno, and I believe he will do very well as a Bronco.

At number 18, the Broncos went with a need pick, drafting Tennessee DE/OLB Robert Ayers. Ayers, who also played some DT at Tennessee, is a very versatile player, as many experts believe that he could play the 3-4 end or rush linebacker, which is something the Broncos desperately need. I believe this is an excellent need pick for the Broncos, as I believe Ayers will be a starter from the beginning.

In the second round, however, things started getting a little dicey. The Broncos moved up to 37 overall in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks in order to draft Wake Forest cornerback Alphonso Smith. To do this, however, the Broncos gave up one of their 2010 first round picks. They did get good value though, as Smith is one of the top corners in the class, and should do very well working under veterans Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman. He will start his career at nickel back, and I expect to see him starting in a few years.

At 48, the Broncos selected Texas Tech safety Darcel McBath. McBath is a player who played very well as a Red Raider, totaling seven picks last season and providing a consistent force in the deep middle of the defense. McBath also provides good depth to the safety position, and will learn under Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hill. I expect him to exponentially make a bigger impact on the Broncos defense in the coming years.

By far the ugliest move of the Broncos draft was at pick 64. The Broncos, who appeared done for the day, sent both of their third round picks to the Steelers in exchange for the 64th overall pick, as well as the Steelers 4th round pick. I expected to see Jarron Gilbert come off the board here, as he is one of the better 3-4 ends in the draft, and was number one on Mel Kiper’s Best Available. Instead, the Broncos went with Richard Quinn, a blocking TE. While I don’t mind Quinn, who is seen as the best blocking TE as well as a decent red zone threat, trading two third rounders for him is ridiculous.

So, overall, I am gibing this day a B-. I firmly believe that Moreno, Ayers, and Smith will be solid contributors next season, and were all good picks. But, the trading of a 2010 first rounder, as well as giving up both third rounders for a blocking TE drops this grade drastically.

On day 2, I truly hope the Broncos can do two things: One, trade Tony Scheffler for more picks, and two, fill needs for depth at DE, DT, MLB, and QB. It is clear that McDaniels does not want Scheffler, and with the drafting of Quinn and the Presence of Daniel Graham, Scheffler should be dealt for more picks. On top of that, the Broncos desperately need youth and depth at those positions, and to call this draft a success, the Broncos need to address the needs at those positions.

  1. April 25, 2009 7:06 PM

    In all honesty I liked the Quinn pick more than the McBath. Both are questionable but the Quinn pick at least served as a decent replacement for Scheffler. What I expect tomorrow is us to trade Scheffler for a 3rd and to take Gilbert there. Or better put: we better get Gilbert if we trade Scheffler for the third.

  2. April 26, 2009 2:24 AM

    dude a TE? one of the last things we need is a TE, GET A DT!!!!!!!!!

  3. April 26, 2009 8:00 AM

    LOL raiders…

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