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Day 1 In Review.

April 25, 2009

Tomorrow I will be leaving and turning the site over to Josh for day 2 of the draft and the week but don’t worry because you will be seeing a few of my opinions on the draft picks anyway through Joshes posts tomorrow so it doesn’t really matter how.

That note aside, today’s draft was a success I think. But that does not take away one painful, awful, horrendous, dissatisfying, ugly, insane pick. That would be drafting Darcel McBath, but we will have more on that later including a historic Bronco Madness rant. First let’s start off with my opinions on the 1st round picks. 

Knowshon Moreno: In my first mock draft of the year, I had him going to the Bears first overall (before we knew the actual order). Now he is going #12 to the Broncos and I don’t think the level of skill I saw from him earlier this season has changed at all. He is still a top 10 prospect and was ranked number 9 on our Big Board. 

While Running Back might not have been our biggest need, with the extenuating circumstances it was clearly a good pick. Without B.J Raji or Tyson Jackson available we needed the best player in the draft available and that was definitely Moreno. He has an amazing repertoire of moves that he uses to electrify opponents as well as using good on field quickness to break away from tacklers.

He has excellent balance and agility and is very productive. His feet are always moving and he is also a pass catching threat when needed. One of the reasons that I really like this pick is that Josh McDaniels is smart enough to know that he can’t use the running back by committee strategy with an unproven Quarterback so he needs to run the ball with one running back to win.

Overall I would give this pick an A due to the situation we were in and we know that we are getting an immediate starter and impact player. 

Robert Ayers: Robert Ayers I really like as a player but not so much as a pick. I just wonder that in a team like Denver if he will really ever be able to find a true position. I am not sure what the Broncos are planning to play him as but I assume an Outside Linebacker. If that is the case, Mike Nolan better be darn sure that he can make him a great 3-4 player. 

Ayers I think has what I call the 3 step punch and has mastered it. It involves: a good burst followed by a violent initial punch.  Then it involves using agility to get closer to the Quarterback while redirecting well to confuse Offensive Linemen.  Then you can finish it off with a burst to close in on the Quarterback and some final handwork to get away from the Linemen. IF you can do this, then you can sack the QB in a quick matter of time.


Robert Ayers

This is not an overly exciting pick but it is definitely a good way to start building this defense. If there is anything good about this pick (and it has its fair share of upside) Ayers can tackle and that is something that last year we were desperately missing. Also while good against the pass he is solid against the run which we as well need badly. 

I would give this pick a B. While I am extremely critical and slightly sceptic of their decision making, you can see why and that is why I will remain positive that they know what they are doing.


Alphonso Smith

Alphonso Smith: Around other Denver Broncos blogs people are having migraines over this pick, but I totally understand why it took place. We are trading away a 1st round pick for a player who should have gone in the 1st round and the coaching staff are huge fans of. I mean, Alphonso Smith is the classic ballhawk who while short and only has average timed speed could start immediately at the nickel.

Whenever you see a pick like that, you know that somebody feels very confident he is a star. And in reality it is probably Josh McDaniels. I don’t think that pick was ever to be used next year but was bait for this year. McDaniels wants to win now and is not willing to wait for an impact player next year but instead, one this year.

Also for his small size Smith is a fantastic tackler and is the most instinctive Cornerback in this entire draft class. I love how he knows exactly what he needs to do and is a student of the game. I could see him battling with André Goodman to start this year as the #2 Cornerback. Remember how we all disliked the Eddie Royal pick last year because he didn’t show much receiver potential?

Well now we have a player who we know has Cornerback potential and could go in their and fight for a starting position. I would give this pick a B+. Maybe it is not worth the 1st round pick next year but was certainly a good pick if we had to trade it away. 

Darcel McBath: I promise, that this will be the most epic rant you will ever read here on the site. I may be taking a jump here but this is the worst second round pick in Denver Broncos history. It is terrible. I do not understand the thought process at all and… wait. That’s it! There was no though process! We just spent a second round pick on a guy who belonged in the mid-rounds!

Darcel McBath Tackling

You have to be joking Josh McDaniels. I can’t even imagine what lunatic thought this up! I understand that the Patriots are great evaluators of talent but this is beyond lack of common sense. Why on earth would you take him now??? If you want to reach for him, wait until tomorrow! We need immediate impact and he is bringing no such thing. 

We have not so far addressed the Defensive Line yet and everyone knows that when you are rebuilding a team, you build from the inside out! It is basic knowledge. A guy like Fili Moala or Jarron Gilbert would have been so much better I can’t even express it into words. Darcel McBath was a terrible pick and there is no way around it.

In fact, this makes the Raiders picks today look like strokes of genius. I give this pick a D for effort. If there was any. Waste of a pick and I see no point to this. 

Richard Quinn: I am going to keep this one short and simple. Josh McDaniels wanted another Daniel Graham type blocking Tight End in Richard Quinn and he got just what he wanted. The problem was he gave up two potentially valuable picks which could have been used on the Defensive Line. Quinn is good but I question why we wouldn’t go Defensive Line here instead. I’ll give it a C+.

So overall this was a decent draft with Darcel McBath aside. I feel that tomorrow we can do even better! So far day 1 of drafting gets a B. I feel as if while value might be questioned this overall was a successful attempt at rebuilding and we have some immediate starters. Overall, a good first day that we can build off of tomorrow. 

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  1. Gary permalink
    April 26, 2009 6:19 AM

    It appears that the same bad decision making McD showed during the Cutler saga has reared its ugly head once again, this time in the draft. What’s next…….”The Denver Broncos have traded their remaining number 1 pick in the 2010 draft to the Tampa Bucs to retain the rights to Jake Plummer”.

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