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2 Hours & 40 Minutes Until The Future

April 25, 2009

This post was written at approximately 10:20 A.M. 

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Are you feeling that rush yet? That feeling where all you can think about is your favorite team. It’s future. The Broncos are approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes away from the future. Put Jay Cutler aside. He is gone. Forget that we have a new coach. Just remember what you love about the Broncos.

There is nothing more exciting then the NFL Draft and with every second going by you want to know what will happen. Some of you are worried. I am. What if Tyson Jackson nor B.J Raji are available? Is the the death card for the Broncos? Josh McDaniels ticket out of town? Or is it meant to be? Are we supposed to not get either?

Maybe they will both be available and McDaniels will pick a Quarterback or a Linebacker. Will we trade up and shake the draft board? Are we going to leave with an elite, immediate impact Running Back in Knowshon Moreno? What will the future hold? It is all in Josh McDaniels, Brian Xanders and Pat Bowlens hands.

All we can do now is sit and wait for the futures number to be called. It’s a scary thought. Knowing that our favorite team may go down the path to greatness, Super Bowls, playoff wins. Or will we go down the other path to despair, torment and mediocracy? Will we be the Lions? Or the Steelers? Or will we just be the Broncos? A new era is upon us and it is exciting.

By the end of the day, we might be the best team in the NFL and not know it. Will we walk away with B.J Raji and make this defense one of the best in the league? Or will we build off this offense with a Quarterback and a Running Back? Our defense is bad. So bad that we might need an entire draft to improve it with. 

We can think best case scenario. I have been accused of doing that plenty of times. But my mock draft as it stands, with B.J Raji, Brian Cushing, and Jarron Gilbert as our first day picks is honestly what I think will happen. We have 2 hours and 40 minutes until the future. Enjoy it. Fear it. Love it. That is in essence the Denver Broncos. 

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