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Exclusive Draft Profile: Chris Pizzotti

April 23, 2009

chrispizzottiHarvard… really? Am I seriously going to be writing a FOOTBALL related article on Harvard? *sigh*. Meet Chris Pizzotti a Quarterback from Harvard University who is starting to raise some eyebrows as a potential NFL prospect from a generally odd school for that kind of stuff. That said, I think you will enjoy learning about this underrated late round draft prospect. 


Chris Pizzotti


Name: Chris Pizzotti

Position: Quarterback

School: Harvard

Height & Weight: 6-6 / 225

Class: Senior

What I Think: Ryan Fitzpatrick, the backup Quarterback for the Bengals who played for the injured Carson Palmer attended Harvard University and Pizzotti is hoping to follow in his footsteps of NFL mediocracy. Let’s face it, it is better than not making a roster as it didn’t look like he would last season. Pizzotti, who was a 2008 Walter Payton Award finalist has great patience and poise in the pocket, as he ended up among the nation’s leaders for fewest interceptions thrown over the past two years. He had only 8 total and showed exceptional intangibles for somebody with so little experience. At 6-6 and 225 pounds, Pizzotti is the prototypical size for an NFL Quarterback and has the body needed to throw over tall Defensive Linemen. As for athletic ability, he does not find himself as sought after as his intangibles are. He is not fast at all, and while smooth with his feet and he has good motion I would not say that it is nowhere near mobile. I would say that he runs hot and cold with his accuracy and doesn’t ever really show exceptional accuracy. He throws well on post and fade routes but those are his best. That said, you do have to give him credit for working with as weak a supporting cast as he did. His receivers were awful and he should not be held accountable for their short comings. But that is simply the life of a Quarterback. Pizzotti has decent arm strength but he needs to learn to step into his throws properly because it damages what could potentially be pretty strong throws. I don’t like his motion while throwing, because he really needs to quicken his release. That seems like I am trying to pick away at him but it is the difference between a sack and a decent throw. I would say his release is what needs the most work in going into the NFL. Pizzotti has shown signs of good vision and also is good at reading defenses. He does not force throws and rarely makes mistakes while throwing. Do not expect him to throw well while on the run because he just isn’t that type of QB. If you are looking for a developmental, classic pocket QB though with a high amount of intelligence and patience I don’t think you should look much further than this Harvard alum. 

Draft Grade: C-


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