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Exclusive Draft Profile: Sherrod Martin

April 18, 2009

sherrodmartinTroy has had good luck with Defensive Players in the NFL like Osi Umiyeniora, DeMarcus Ware, and Leodis McKelvin so far and Sherrod Martin might be the next. He could be either a Cornerback or a Free Safety in the NFL and looks to be a mid round prospect. He has lost a lot of interest because of durability concerns and you can learn all about that and more in his draft profile. Enjoy!



Name: Sherrod Martin

Position: Cornerback/Safety

School: Troy

Height & Weight: 6-1 / 198

Class: Senior

What I Think: Sherrod Martin if anything has great instincts. He thinks on his toes and it results to making great plays. He can move quickly and knows what to do instinctively. He is a terrific athlete and excels all around in his game. He has great speed and acceleration and has a superb “second gear.” Martin has smooth and fluid hips and is very agile. He plays physically and is a great tackler. That is one of the reasons he could play either Safety or Cornerback in the pros. I also like how he delivers the huge hit on both Wide Receivers or Running Backs or even Tight Ends. Active and aggressive, Martin has very good range and can move across the field well. He has very nice hands and ball skills and he even played a tiny bit of Wide Receiver in college and High School. He is also very productive and will rack up lots of stats. He is also tough and will play through the pain, something that is more and more rare in the NFL these days. He is also still improving so the best may yet to come. That comes as surprising when he is actually a lot older than the average prospect after being both red-shirted and grey-shirted. Martin has some durability concerns which are probably going to be un-important in the NFL. Again, he is also a little older than most draft prospects which I am sure will turn off a lot of teams. He could also stand to put on some weight and bulk up because at this point he is very thin for defense. Also he never faced great competition at Troy so it will be interesting to see how he stands up to tough teams in the NFL. 

Draft Grade: B-


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