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Exclusive Draft Profile: Robert Ayers

April 11, 2009


If you haven’t caught on yet, we are going to be having A LOT of draft profiles because well… we only have a few days before Robert Ayers ever since the combine has been rocketing up draft boards. While he had not started until his Senior year, he has still shown signs of becoming one of the better Defensive Ends in the NFL. A Defensive End from Tennessee he has lots of talent and here is his draft profile.  



Name: Robert Ayers

Position: Defensive End

School:  Tennessee

Height & Weight: 6-3 / 272 

Class: Senior

What I Think: A naturally athletic Defensive End who seems to have never had to work for his skill and physical presence on the field, Robert Ayers has been making a splash on draft boards across the country. He possesses good size and a solid build which have helped him become one of the better true Defensive Ends in the class. Ayers has a great burst on the line and is quick with good balance and agility. He has big hands and uses them will with good handwork against Offensive Linemen. He also has shown the ability to easily shed blocks. Ayers I think has what I call the 3 step punch and has mastered it. It involves: a good burst followed by a violent initial punch.  Then it involves using agility to get closer to the Quarterback while redirecting well to confuse Offensive Linemen.  Then you can finish it off with a burst to close in on the Quarterback and some final handwork to get away from the Linemen. If you can do that perfectly and in a quick matter of time, you can get a sack pretty easily. Ayers follows that exact formula seemingly making him a favorite of mine. While he has great finesse moves, he can also bull rush very well. He makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage whether they are in the passing or running game. He has good range and terrific pursuit which I mentioned earlier and can close in on them quickly. Ayers is also a reliable tackler and has quite a bit of position versatility. He can do best against the pass but also plays solidly against the run. While young, and inexperienced he would not be able to start immediately because he really is still learning. Ayers may be quick but he does not have actual speed. He also has only marginal instincts and awareness but that can be credited with his lack of experience also. I think he also needs to improve his repertoire of moves before he can be a good finesse player in the NFL. Sometimes he does not always play with proper leverage and has a very inconsistent motor. Some other minor things include durability issues, trouble off the field, and a lack of work ethic but none of it stands out so clearly it should stop a team from drafting him. My only major concern with him is that he has not played very long and that he is very raw. I would not suggest the Broncos draft him because we need someone to make an immediate impact and also he reminds me a lot of Jarvis Moss. (Something I don’t want to go through again.)

Draft Grade: A-


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