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Exclusive Draft Profile: Nic Harris

April 9, 2009

nicharrisAs we enter crunch time and being creating as many draft profiles as possible we are continuing with a very interesting prospect. His name is Nic Harris and he was a Safety from Oklahoma, that said, he will be playing Linebacker in the NFL probably. After starting 3 years in college and becoming an early favorite for a first day, he has fallen down to probably a late round pick.


Nic Harris


Name: Nic Harris

Position: Outside Linebacker

School: Oklahoma 

Height & Weight: 6-2 / 234

Class: Senior

What I Think: Nic Harris, a former Safety for the Oklahoma Sooners knew that he couldn’t play safety in the NFL and realized that he needed to play Outside Linebacker whether it would hurt his draft stock or not. He may be the definition of a classic ‘tweener who doesn’t have the speed to play safety in the pros but isn’t really big enough to play linebacker. That said, he still has outstanding bulk just not size unless he plays Safety in which case he has outstanding size and bulk. He is a great tackler and has excellent defensive instincts. He plays tough and physical with lots of aggression. He is ALWAYS active around the field and is by far one of the strongest players on the field mentally. He has supposedly overcome a lot of problems and adversity as a child to become one of the better defensive prospects this year. People think that he will be a great blitzer in the NFL and even showed he could be one as a Safety. He had multiple sacks as a Safety in College Football. It seems he might only be a good special teams player in the NFL and he has a lot of potential to be one. He shows all the signs of being a great leader on the team. Harris is very mature and also a great hard worker. With durability and lots of experience he might find that handy in the NFL. Harris also as you would guess offers a lot of versatility. But his speed is well… terrible. He is not fast at all and his only great trait as a Defensive Player is his amazing tackling. He also lacks fluid hips and isn’t a big hitter. He tackles extremely well but just doesn’t do it hard. He won’t have that many interceptions as his hands are not very good and his ball control lacks. His range is limited too. Harris will definitely have trouble trying to turn and run in coverage. Another complaint might be that he doesn’t have a true position in the NFL but special teams. A 5th rounder at absolute best. 

Draft Grade: D+

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