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Why I Don’t Feel Bad For Cutler

April 3, 2009
Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell

About three days ago some one since me an email asking me why I don’t feel sorry for Jay Cutler and how he was treated by the franchise. I of course replied to it saying that I believe that football is a business and all players should be treated the same and act like men when being shopped, benched, or being “disrespected” in a way. 

I would like to change that answer. So listen up:  I still don’t feel bad for Jay Cutler but I would like to change my reasoning. As you know the Redskins attempted to go after Jay Cutler and then lost. While they did it, they clearly shopped Jason Campbell. Today Campbell commented on it and it puts everything in perspective and shows how a Pro Quarterback should take being shopped by their head coach and front office:

“There was a lot of crazy stuff going on, stuff you’re hearing from people you trust, so you know something’s happening,” Campbell said. “But you also know that there’

s nothing you can do about it. You just keep working and doing the things you need to do to get ready for the season.”

Do you see what I mean? Jason Campbell gets it. He just does. There is no reason to sulk and be a baby about things. Good for Campbell taking the high-road and I would really wish that Jay Cutler wouldn’t have done that or else we might be having better days in Broncos land right now. Oh, and one more thing: Josh McDaniels will be holding a press conference at 11:00 Mountain Standard so make sure you tune in!

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  1. Broncos66 permalink
    April 5, 2009 5:59 PM

    I was kind of disappointed at first but as quickly as this all came down it’s going to go away.

    Jay Cutler could have been a man and looked past his pettiness to see that Josh McDaniels was part of a team that went to the Super Bowl four times and won 3 over the last 8 years. The 18-1 team in 2007 was the highest scoring offense ever.

    I say to Jay, I’m glad I got to see your true colors and I’m now glad you are gone.

    You’re Chicago’s new Sally Field, cause, “they love you, they really really love you”*
    *for now…

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