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Garrett’s Gameplan: 3 Ways To Trade Cutler

April 1, 2009
Matt Hasselbeck for Cutler?

Both Josh and I this week will be posting what we think would be the best way to trade Jay Cutler now that it seems imminent. There are a million things that we could say about this but I will be presenting three potentially good scenarios on what to get in return for Cutler.

Jay Cutler To The Seahawks: Don’t worry this isn’t another article pimping Seneca Wallace. Instead I am hoping for Matt Hasselbeck in this trade. For those of you who don’t know, Matt Hasselbeck is a former Pro Bowl QB at 33 years old. Last year he was injured for most of the season after already having a mediocre performance. 

That said, Hasselbeck has a chance for a comeback and would fit very well into Josh McDaniels’ new system. He has good touch and accuracy, a good pocket presence, plenty of experience, and great team leadership. Hasselbeck would also be a nice change due to the fact he does not have a gun slinger mentality. He is a conservative kind of QB who makes good, smart decisions and makes a limited number of mistakes.

He has great playoff experience and almost won a Super Bowl against the Steelers a couple of years back. Hasselbeck would be able to make quite the comeback with the Offensive Line and group of Wide Receivers that we have. I could see him slipping into our system with ease, and we might never notice that Cutler left.

But if it was straight up for Cutler that would not be good. That is why we would also ask for their 4th overall pick in the draft and also a conditional 2010 draft pick. If we got that 4th overall pick we could draft B.J Raji and then Tyson Jackson later, fixing our Defensive Line immediately. Then all you need to do is draft Victor Harris in the second round, Jason Phillips in the third and we are set.

I would even be willing to give up this years 4th round pick if it would complete this deal. You can not deny that this would be an immediate upgrade to the Broncos and with a veteran presence like Hasselbeck for two or three years we could have a short but powerful window to win a Super Bowl. 

Grade: A-

broncosbarJay Cutler To Browns: Eric Mangini has expressed publicly that he feels “lukewarm” about Browns Quarterback Brady Quinn. Brady Quinn for those of who who don’t know (10% of you) Brady Quinn played at Notre Dame in college ran by Charlie Weis, the predecessor to Josh McDaniels which means that Quinn understands the new offense being put in place.

He would give us the immediate opportunity to add a guy onto our team who would not take much schooling in Josh McDaniels spread offense. That said, Quinn is missing one thing that in necessary in McDaniels offense: accuracy. Brady Quinn like Cutler brings a gun slinger mentality and below average accuracy.

It would make it very hard to fit him into the system that way but at the same time somewhat easy. Josh McDaniels has the ability to turn a Quarterback who hasn’t played a game since high school and make him win 11 games. It might be easier than we think to teach Brady Quinn accuracy. Disclaimer: It may be hard, I am a defensive expert so I am taking a shot in the dark on that one.

Also in this trade Pro Bowl Defensive Tackle Shaun Rogers would be involved erasing the need for an early pick at Defensive Tackle. Now wouldn’t you love that? Shaun Rogers would fit well in Mike Nolans’ 3-4 system. In reality Shaun Rogers could fit will in almost any system known to man. We would also in exchange get a 4th rounder.

I am not totally sure how interested I would be in this assuming that we would only be getting a 4th rounder and that Jay Cutler is better than Brady Quinn by a country mile.

Grade: C+


Jason Campbell

Jay Cutler To Redskins: It all started with a joke on The Bleacher Report but it does bring up an interesting concept on whether or not this would work. My scenario for this would be that we trade Jay Cutler for Jason Campbell, the 13th pick in the draft, a second rounder, and a conditional draft pick in 2010. In exchange we would give up Cutler, and a 3rd rounder in this years draft.

I can’t find too many holes in this trade except for Jason Campbell just not being as good as Jay Cutler. It is well known that Redskins owner Dan Synder likes to spend money. Bringing in a blockbuster player like Jay Cutler would be exactly what he wants. Let’s face it, Jay Cutler would fit perfectly in to Jim Zorns system but when there are rumors of Shanahan one day coaching in Washington, it could be just what Synder wants.

In our case, we would be getting a decent fit for our system in Jason Campbell who has shown signs of being a great NFL QB, two straight picks in the draft so if we decide to pass over one guy we can get them with the next pick. This would give us the chance to get, I don’t know, Tyson Jackson and Malcom Jenkins with two straight picks, or if he drops B.J Raji and Tyson Jackson. It could be any combination of the three.

I like the blockbuster element in this trade where it would shock everyone and I wouldn’t mind seeing Jason Campbell wearing orange and blue. In the second round we could even get a running back like LeSean McCoy or Shonn Greene as well as another defensive player. 

How insane would it be a few years after we exchanged Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey, we had another blockbuster trade with Jay Cutler for Jason Campbell and a plethora of draft picks. This would definitely be a risky trade but if Jason Campbell became successful for the Broncos, the effects could be fantastic. 

Grade: B

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  1. Turk permalink
    April 1, 2009 12:45 PM

    I like the seahawks idea but not Jason Campbell yet. I don’t want any part of that mess…

  2. Jon Krause permalink
    April 1, 2009 12:45 PM

    i saw Matt and was like nooo way, i saw quinn and didn’t know what to think then i scrolled down farther and saw cambell!!! u dummie!! he’s the worst thing in the NFL!!! no way no way!!

    hows this for a three-way-trade (I know Garrett will hate it)
    we trade Jay to the Lions, the Lions send thier first rounder to Atlanta, and the Falcons send us Michael Vick!! (who is not quite 30) Tom Brady is like 31…

    Garrett don’t kill him or blab about him not deserving a chance to play again, and all that junk, just admit he’s a GREAT football player and just as good as the other 3 you suggested (though Quinn could have a good future with the right team) like come’on there’s tons of players in the NFL that’ve done way worse things than killing dogs — I love dogs i have a golden, put he’s put it behind him plus we all mess up we’ve all got’n second chances i still REALLY like him

    IDK i really don’t think it’d be that bad, but i still HATE to think that we could (probably will) trade JAY CUTLER!!

    • April 1, 2009 12:49 PM

      Jon, I totally admit that Cutler is as good as these three players. Actually he is better. You are also right about Vick, people have done worse things than kill dogs. I just worry that he will be out of football shape. (That prison food isn’t very nutritious). and yes I am a dummie, you have been on the site a long time, you should have realized that. 🙂 I stand with my opinion on Matt though. Here is the thing. It’s sad Jay Cutler is going, but we need an option and if we could get one guy to play average for two years, that is the most we could ask. Vick I worry we would over pay for and wouldn’t be able to start immediately. (He has a very big contract.) Thanks for the criticism though Jon. You have some solid points.

    • Turk permalink
      April 1, 2009 5:20 PM

      But Jon think of the publicity nightmare. Besides he wouldn’t fit in the system and I do not think that McDaniels would approve of having a low character guy like him. He Also couldn’t start for at least a year.

  3. April 1, 2009 3:47 PM

    The Broncos could do a lot worse than Jason Campbell. I’m not sure he can carry a team on his shoulders, but Campbell is all right as a quarterback.

  4. April 1, 2009 4:48 PM

    your no dummie, but you gotta admit Vick not a real bad idea ? maybe ?
    and he played prison football i bet he even worked out
    i never really cared for Matt Has for one thing kinda old
    the thing is McDaniels is good at ONE thing all the free agents we got none of them we gave HUGE pay checks he’s better than SHanny at that i think we could work some’n out

    does ANYBODY agree W/ me at all!?
    is it that bad an idea

    • April 1, 2009 4:50 PM

      Vick it would take time for him to start. Nor does he fit in with the system. Maybe, McDaniels is a genius and could teach him it. But i dunno…

  5. April 2, 2009 5:48 AM

    Hey guys, I just got this from a good source in NY:

    ‘The Denver Broncos’ Pat Bowlen, and Brian Xanders, called Jay Cutlers agent [Bus Cook] and told him to have Jay Cutler call this phone number as soon as he can: # 212-479-7990 ‘

    So what’s this supposed to mean? IDK, I’m gonna go call the #

  6. April 2, 2009 6:48 AM

    Well this blog loses all credibility, like the 1000s of others out there. Eric Mangini has never said publicly that he is ‘lukewarm’ about Brady Quinn. Why would you say that?

    • April 2, 2009 6:51 AM

      I don’t think we lose our credibility when it is in this article:,143899

      • April 2, 2009 7:07 AM

        Maybe you are new at this. That article by Yahoo cites Pro Football Talk, which is junk. I didn’t see anywhere in either article where Eric Mangini stated that.

        I have a source who is with the Browns, and he has told me that Brady Quinn will be the QB in 2009. All of this is just filtered speculation to drive up the trade value of Derek Anderson.

        Once again, show me where Eric Mangini said that.

        • April 2, 2009 7:15 AM

          yes, we all know that is a piece of junk. But it probably more reliable than your so called source. sorry about that but it is true. all we can go by is what people are saying and since that the was what i found i am going to use it and trust it whether it is ill-advised or not. as to your other comment, I am in fact a Notre Dame fan, but Jay Cutler has proved a bit more. He has been in a pro bowl, he was drafted higher, he has thrown for more yards than future hall of famer Peyton Manning. But you are right, the jury is still out for now…

  7. April 2, 2009 7:08 AM

    Cutler’s playoff wins = Quinn’s Playoff wins

    Cutler’s winning seasons = Quinn’s winning seasons

    Coaches Cutler has gotten fired with inconsistent play > Coaches Quinn has gotten fired with inconsistent play

    I don’t think we know that Cutler is way better then Quinn. Jury is out. Cutler is a big arm, nothing more at this point. Like Jeff George was.

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