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Is There a Connection?

March 31, 2009
Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

First off I would like to have a major disclaimer: I do not, do not believe what I am about to say is true. I am simply pointing out a connection between some pictures, articles, and comments made by journalists. Again, make this clear: I do not believe what I am about to say is true and these three things have ABSOLUTELY no connection.

First I would like point out something from a recent article that was at first erased from the article and then added back into it except revised and a bit more clear. You will find this VERY interesting so make sure you read this. Last Tuesday, Josina Anderson of Fox31 wrote in an article a very interesting quote by an anonymous source on Cutler:

“The source said there are concerns about Cutler’s consumption of alcohol, and ‘that he’s not that sharp.”

“That scared the crap out of McDaniels,’ the source said.”

That quote is very, very interesting and I have no idea on the reliability of the source or whether we should take that quote seriously, especially after it was removed from the article. But then, days later the quote resurfaced, only revised saying something similar but at the same time different. Again, read this:

“Two things that kept coming up were concerns about Cutler’s alcohol consumption (given his diabetes) and ‘that’s he not that (football) sharp.’

“‘That scared the crap out of McDaniels,’ the source told me.”

Umm… yeah… 

broncosbar3Next I found these photos at

I don’t think that I have to make any comments on what this may represent. You guys are all smart, you can make the connection between these two different things. Now mind you, it is not bad that he was drinking. Hopefully he didn’t have too much with the diabetes problem but let’s face it, it is quite the coincidence that both these showed up. 

broncosbar4Now, that is all okay but here comes the thing that you might yell at me for pointing out. Don’t. I am not suggesting that I believe this or that you should, but it is quite a coincidence and I am just connecting the dots for you. So you don’t have to.

Recently the Denver Post said that he would be leaving Nashville not to Denver but to an undisclosed location he won’t name. So the Denver Post knows but apparently this is big enough that they don’t want to disclose it. We are not sure why, it may be something major and Cutler and his agent talked them into keeping it a secret.

There are multiple things it could be: Visiting another team, going to see more family and the Denver Post is just hiding something, but what about rehab?

Yes I said it, if we connect all these different things, there is a chance that he might be in rehab. Again, don’t get angry at me because I don’t believe he is. But it is very, very interesting and I think that we should at least consider it. It seems like a very personal thing, and maybe somehow this is connected to everything else? I don’t know. None of us will.

So again I don’t believe this, don’t get angry, etc. 

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  1. Wes permalink
    March 31, 2009 11:24 AM

    I wanted to get p.o’ed and give you crap, well just because you told us not to. But i’m not. I can see a connection, yet unlikely.

    • March 31, 2009 11:47 AM

      haha i knew that was going to happen if i told people not to. 🙂 lol. but anyway you are right it is unlikely.

  2. beth permalink
    March 31, 2009 7:10 PM

    i think the pics are fake

  3. Brandon permalink
    April 3, 2009 6:24 PM

    Obviously with the events of the last few days it’s easier to weigh in, I don’t think alcohol consumption had any impact on McDaniels what so ever, Orton as Bears fans fondly chronicle, loves to party (Jack Daniels seems to be a good friend of his) many many photos on the internet. Work hard on the field and you’ll be respected.

    I’m sure Cutler’s photos could be real, but a.) people must be taking pics every time these guys step out the door b.) who doesn’t like to party? especially if your a twenty something famous athlete with spare change?

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