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McDaniels Tries To Warm Up To Cutler Through “Legacy Games”

March 24, 2009
Josh McDaniels Holds Up a "Legacy Game Jersey"

Josh McDaniels Holds Up a "Legacy Game Jersey"

Josh McDaniels this morning held up an interesting jersey that would advertise something coming soon called “Legacy Games”. These jerseys will be worn in one home and one away game this year titled the “Legacy Games.”

But it might not have been the jersey that was so interesting but who’s jersey it was. Jay Cutlers. When asked about it by the Denver Post, he responded: “I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other player.” Good move McDaniels, good move. It quoted in the article:

McDaniels had just finished an hour-long interview with a handful of Denver reporters and a gaggle of national media. At one point I counted 30 reporters crowded around his table. McDaniels was the only coach who attracted a “standing room only” crowd.

So far, I think McDaniels has handled this near perfectly. He starts out by being harsh and showing he has control over the franchise. He wanted people to fear him. That is not a bad thing. Then he shows kind gestures and a trust in his Quarterback to recover the relationship well. This was a good move on his part and I am looking forward to these “legacy games.”


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