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Dealer Denies Selling Drugs To Buckhalter

March 21, 2009

Correll Buckhalter as an Eagle

There is some breaking news building off of a report we had just a few days ago via The Denver Post. In that report Correll Buckhalter was accused of buying drugs from a Pennsylvania drug dealer who is currently on trial. It was announced by a prosecutor in his opening statement that Buckhalter, the Broncos new running back and potential starter had bought drugs.

But the alleged drug dealer who lived sometimes in suburban Philadelphia testified that he did not sell marijuana to Buckhalter earlier today. This accusation came with no evidence besides the word of a state trooper, who testified Thursday that he was listening on wiretaps when Buckhalter happened to call the defendant Styles Beckels. 

Trooper Scott John Miscannon also says a notation on a ledger in Beckles’ house indicates Buckhalter bought marijuana from him. The same prosecutor who brought this up in his opening statement says Beckles initially admitted selling marijuana to Buckhalter earlier in this stories progress.

I am sadly a very cynical person and that is making it hard to decide who I believe in this case. On one hand we have Buckhalter who is an NFL player, and let’s face it, NFL players are usually no strangers to marijuana. It is just one of the sad facts of the NFL. But on the other hand you have the word of a state trooper and a prosecutor claiming that a drug dealer gave up the name of one of his clients which is by the way very rare.

Buckhalter so far has not been charged yet for drugs but he has publicly denied the use of them and also dealing with the defendant. He is now joined with the likes of Mike Anderson and Travis Henry, both Broncos running backs who have been busted doing drugs. There has also been no official statement from the NFL just yet.

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