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Mile High Salute w/ Mike Koele: Moving on.

March 16, 2009

It is funny, I just got a text from CBS4 reporting that Jay Cutler has left Denver after a meeting with head coach Josh McDaniels over the weekend.  This solidifies rumors that Cutler was not going to show up to the mandatory team meeting and “voluntary” OTAs.

Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler

I was going to write about this anyway, this just fuels the fire though.  I told a buddy of mine a couple of weeks ago that Cutler will be gone by/on draft day and I am pretty sure I am right.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he were dealt this week actually, but draft day makes the most sense.  I won’t even begin to speculate on who. 

The popular rumors are Detroit and Cleveland right now and if I had to choose I would prefer the Cleveland scenario with the idea of getting another young QB in return (Brady Quinn) who is familiar with McDaniel’s style anyway after playing under former Patriot Charlie Weiss at Notre Dame. 

Throw in Shaun Rogers who is unhappy with the Browns and a draft pick and I think we have a deal.  Detroit would be ok but I don’t really want to see Denver get the #1 pick unless they traded down.  There is no true “#1 talent” this year (my opinion) and along with that pick comes a lot of money that Denver does not need to deal with.  Detroit’s #20 pick is appealing, so you never know.  The Vikings also seem to be a possible destination should Cutler be dealt.

Now the thing is, I don’t want to see Cutler go.  Let me repeat that for those sparking up their flamethrowers…I do not want to see him leave.  Unfortunately at this point he and his agent (ugh) are forcing Denver’s hand and I think leaving them no choice but to move him and most importantly, move on. 

Do I think the front office fumbled this a little?  Yes…but maybe not how some think.  I think that they knew exactly what they were doing to start with but where I think they dropped the ball is when Cutler reacted like he did.  At that point the cards are all on the table and the entire front office (Bowlen included) should have IMMEDIATELY talked to Jay in person to work this out.  Instead it festered a bit, then the PR game started and now it is unrecoverable. 

It doesn’t help that Chris Simms makes a good bit more than Jay does, but that is not Simms fault.  The entire thing has turned into a large mess and it is time for the 2 to part ways.  Even in a magical land where they all work this out, can you even imagine MORE drama during the actual season?  This one won’t improve with time, at least I don’t think so.

Sorry to say it because I am a Cutler (the player…not the primadonna) fan and I think he would have been great in Denver.  Unfortunately, it is time to move on and hope we feel the same about the next guy.

Mike Koele is a member of the Bronco Madness staff, you can find his own blog at Broncos 365 and Tailgate 365. 


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