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Bus Cook Spotted in Buffalo

March 16, 2009
Tony Scheffler

Tony Scheffler

Broncos Country, we have a dew development in the Jay Cutler saga. According to former Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Ruben Brown, Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, was in Buffalo today. Why is this interesting? According to the NFL, Cook does not represent any players on the Bills.

It has been speculated, however, that he is not there on behalf of Cutler, but rather Tony Scheffler, who is more than likely on his way out of Denver. Last year, the Broncos played with two tight ends, with Daniel Graham in the blocking role and Scheffler in the receiver role. In McDaniels offensive system, however, there is no need for the receiving TE, so Scheffler is probably as good as gone. Seeing as the Bills lost starting TE Robert Royal in free agency, they are more than likely looking at Scheffler as a replacement.

This comes as a great relief to me. If Cook was there on behalf of Cutler, I would be pretty scared. I believe that if the Broncos are to trade Cutler, they must find a trading partner who can help the Broncos get themselves a new QB. The Bills QB is Trent Edwards, which obviously means they have no viable trade options. Edwards is nothing special in my book.

I do believe that if, in fact, Scheffler ends up in Buffalo, it would be really good for his career. With Terrell Owens and Lee Evans on the outside, the middle of the field would be wide open for Scheff. I would rather not see him go, but if he does leave, Buffalo isn’t the worst spot for him.

Note: All of the Scheffler trade talk is just speculation at this point. It could be more soon though. Stay tuned to Bronco Madness.

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