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Joshin’ Around: A Smart Solution to McJayGate

March 15, 2009
Brady Quinn a Bronco?

Brady Quinn a Bronco?

Over the past few weeks, rumors about Jay Cutler have been flying around the internet. McDaniels has denied everything, while Cutler will not stop crying like a four year old girl. I know that Bronco fans love Jay Cutler, as we all know that, in this offense, he will grow into a superstar. But, if his feelings are so hurt that he can no longer play for the Broncos, he may have to be dealt.

Here’s the thing; who can we send him too? There are four teams that would definitely be interested; the Detroit Lions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New York Jets, and the Cleveland Browns. The Lions are interested for obvious reasons, the Bucs desperately need a quarterback, the Jets believe that the only thing between them and a Super Bowl is a QB, and the Browns because they are not sold on Brady Quinn.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. More than anything, I would like Jay and McD to work this stupid spat out and work together. But, if a trade truly needed to be done, where should the Broncos send him too? Let’s take a look:

Detroit Lions: The Lions have two first round picks in the upcoming draft (1 & 20), so they have the potential to be a good trade partner. The Broncos, however, do not have the financial wherewithal to afford the number one pick, as well as another later first rounder. If the Broncos were to do business with the Lions, they would have to trade for the 20th pick, along with a second and third rounder. This leaves the Broncos with a possibility to get Mark Sanchez at 12, and another player at 20. This trade is a decent option, but leaves really no viable option at QB.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The potential deal with the Buccaneers would be no different than the deal with Detroit. The Bucs would send Denver their number 19 pick, as well as a second or third rounder. But, again, this deal leaves really no viable option at QB. This trade would not be a smart move, because the Broncos would get less from Tampa than they would from Detroit, because Detroit would have much higher second and third rounders.

The New York Jets: This is a trade that would more than likely never happen, but Jets fans everywhere are praying for it. New head coach Rex Ryan has done a lot of work in making the Jets already strong defense even better, and must know that the Jets are probably just a quarterback away from making a deep playoff run. The deal would probably be similar to the one from the Bucs, but something tells me that Josh McDaniels is not about to do a deal with a former division rival.

Each of these deals has the same problem; none of them answer the questions at quarterback. Chris Simms hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass in more than two seasons, and Mark Sanchez or Josh Freeman, the two most highly rated QB prospects after Matt Stafford (who will be off the board by pick 12), have a very high bust potential, and would not be ready to play for at least a season or two. That’s why, if a trade had to be done, the winner of the Jay Cutler Sweepstakes would be the…

Cleveland Browns: The Browns have one thing that none of the previous three teams have; a quarterback to add to the deal. Brady Quinn looked pretty good last year, but it has been rumored that new head coach Eric Mangini and new GM George Kokonis are not sold on him as their starting QB. They also have Shaun Rogers, a fairly dominant nose tackle that wants out of Cleveland. This proposed deal has shown up in rumors around the internet, and I like it a lot. In the deal, the Broncos would ship Jay Cutler and a third round pick to Cleveland for Brady Quinn, Shaun Rogers, and a fourth rounder.

So, if a trade had to be done, the Browns would definitely be the team to do it with. The deal would get the Broncos another quarterback in return for Cutler, as well as a dominant nose tackle that would be a huge step forward in switching to a 3-4 defense.

Now, I would love it if Jay Cutler stayed in Denver. Don’t get me wrong; I do not want to see him traded. But, if a deal had to be done, I would hope that the Broncos can pull off a deal like this with the Cleveland Browns.

Let me know what your solution would be for McJayGate, and be sure to check back next week for the next “Joshin’ Around.”

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