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Cutler and Scheffler Holdouts?

March 15, 2009

JaTony Schefflery Cutler it seems still thinks he is the center of the world. So you could only guess that he and his agents next move would be to hold out of the non-mandatory meeting on Monday according to CBS4’s Vic Lombardi. And this time I actually believe for once what he is saying. 

Per the report, tight end Tony Scheffler also plans to skip the workout session who is as well represented by Bus Cook. 

It of course makes perfect sense that Jay Cutler would hold out so he could get just what he wants and be traded but it does not make sense for Tony Scheffler. I don’t believe that he was every part of the trade talks and I don’t think we intend on making way just for him to be traded.

The only reason I could imagine him holding out would be that Bus Cook wants him to hold out to support Jay Cutler and make even a bigger buzz around the league. Also if we trade Cutler to the Browns and/or the Lions he could be good to get a bit higher pick from them.

Tomorrow we will find out for sure and the second we do it will be here at Bronco Madness. 

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  1. Josh Vitale permalink
    March 15, 2009 5:54 PM

    Both of them need to man up and stop acting like pansy little girls who got their feelings hurt. This is football, it’s a business. We’re not playing WNBA basketball here. Jay, Tony (and Bus), unbunch your panties and go to the meeting. If you aren’t man enough to do that, the WNBA is always looking for new players.

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