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New Updated Mock Draft

March 7, 2009

Hey everybody I just finished updating my mock draft and you can now see it under Draft Central. I really think you should read it because I have made some serious updates including a surprising pick by the Seahawks, a reach by the Eagles and of course a very surprising and yet intriguing pick by the Broncos which you can read here

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  1. March 8, 2009 11:04 AM

    Hey guy this guy seem cool aganst run and the abobo bj raji probable gon go early but I like orakpoe cause he name. Orakpo, I orakpoed you quart back you know what I saying. When I was younger I rak guy house with rock from slingshot, we rakked he house all day weekend long and there was old lady upstair who live. she say she done heared crazy noises for three day guy.

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