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Mile High Salute w/ Mike Koele: Brandon Marshall…sigh

March 3, 2009

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall

Garrett here. Okay, I totally dropped the ball on this one. I was supposed to post this on Monday but in the intense heat of all the news and everything else I forgot and can’t believe I did that. So here is Mike’s column a day late. Sorry guys!

I have thought this entire week how I would have plenty of awesome free agency goodness to talk about today and then, the weekend hit.  I won’t even discuss the other incident, I am pretty much sick of it and want it just to blow over one way or another.  This weekend was worsened with the original news that Brandon Marshall was arrested, yet again.

Now, the funny thing about the entire Brandon Marshall incident history is that it has pretty much divided all of the Bronco fans I have come across.  I am sure some people have swayed from one side to the other as the “alleged” incidents piled up, but I have pretty much been on the same side of the camp the whole time.  Last year when the reports came out about Marshall severely hurting his arm by what turned out to be some stupid horseplay, I knew that he had some growing up to do.  What I did not know is, he had a ton of learning to do also to catch up with all of the tremendous ability he has.  Thrown in a DUI, some drama with his fiancee and most recently an arrest for disorderly conduct and I cannot help but wonder what the crap he is thinking.

One of my favorite defenses of the latest incident (before it was dropped) is “it was only a misdemeanor”. Uh huh.  If my kid was arrested, believe me I wouldn’t be any happier if it was “just” anything.

Then the defenders of Marshall rejoiced and celebrated when the charges were dropped.  Big win for them right!  Wrong.  Again, the entire incident was with his fiancee and folks I don’t care if it was a traffic ticket, he put himself in a bad situation yet again and might even pay for it without any charges sticking.  Last season we were fortunate to have his suspension reduced and get him for the entire season basically (we didn’t need him against Oakland, I think they are still wondering who drove the Royal truck than ran Hall’s butt over all game).  If I were the commissioner I would give serious thought to some action now also, after all he gave the kid the benefit of the doubt and what wonderful repayment but to blow it again.  And no, I personally don’t care if the charges were dropped…it brought undue attention to him and the team…again.

I am not calling for a trade, I do love the guy and what he brings to the team but you have to wonder if he will ever get “it” and grow the hell up.  The fact is, Denver needs leaders on every side of the ball and not distractions.  Denver needs players it can count on every day, 365 days a year to make the organization and its fans proud like it once was.  I sure wish Marshall can be one of those guys but I seriously have my doubts.  I will take a ton of static for this post but I am simply being honest.  Marshall needs to grow up or no team will want him, it just would eventually not be worth the risk. I implore you Brandon, stay at home or stay at the gym or stay with your mom until camp starts.  Just stay away from whatever it is that you cannot seem to stay away from that always has a sprinkle of Johnny Law on top of it.

Here’s hoping some veteran leadership like Brian Dawkins can bring will right this ship and quickly, or we may be in for a longer rebuilding process than we want.

Mike Koele is a member of the Bronco Madness staff you can find his own blog at Broncos 365 and Tailgate 365.

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  1. Josh Vitale permalink
    March 4, 2009 5:38 AM

    I couldn’t agree more. I love B-Marsh, but he does need to grow up, or the Broncos are going to keep losing him to suspensions. I think on the first day of training camp, every player and rookie on the team with any sort of character or behavioral issues should have to sit down and have a chat with Brian Dawkins. Dawkins is a guy with tremendous leadership that could really help guys out that have these issues.

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