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Josh McDaniels Was Close To Trading Cutler

March 1, 2009
Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels

According to Pro Football a source with knowledge of the events that nearly culminated in the trade of quarterback Jay Cutler to the Buccaneers or the Lions or somewhere else tells us that Cutler was “gone.”So it looks at this point like we weren’t just pondering trading him, we nearly did.

That might be the true reason that Cutler is so angry. If we just listened to an offer for 3 minutes then decided to politely decline and hang up the phone, I don’t think that Cutler would have demanded a trade. But if the Broncos seriously considered it he has a right to be very, very upset with the team.

No matter how you look at this, we have fallen onto the bed of one of the worst possible situations in the NFL. Our best player and team leader has decided he wants out. If he stays he might play terribly as the cause of this and if he leaves we are screwed. 

I personally have had some time to calm down and I realize we can’t fire him just yet. He hasn’t even played a game yet so we need to calm down and figure out ways this can be fixed. Remember that if we start winning next season this will all go away and if McDaniels and Cutler can fix their relationship things will be good.

But here is the question of the hour, if Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders do decide to trade Cutler, who do you want in exchange? I would want the Lions first overall pick, their 21st over all pick and Defensive Tackle Cory Redding. But then I would still feel that it would be unfair. I just wouldn’t be as upset.

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