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Bronco Fans: Please Calm Down

March 1, 2009

Ok, Broncos fans all need to stop what they are doing, compose themselves, and remember where these rumors came from. The Bucs and Lions contacted the Broncos. Denver was not shopping Jay Cutler. Teams were going out on a desperate prayer in a feeble attempt to get him.  But, while these talks were happening, New England was agreeing to ship Cassel off to Kansas City.

And about the ridiculous Jay Cutler trade demand, stop. In an interview with CBS 4 last night, Cutler, and his agent, stated that he did not demand a trade. He did not demand to be traded; he only wanted to be traded if the Broncos truly did not want him there. He went on to say that he loves living and playing in Denver, and that he loves his teammates and would love to keep playing for them.

So let’s clear this up: McDaniels did not TRY to trade Cutler; teams came to McDaniels desperately looking for deals. New England, however, was already in the process of sending Cassel to KC. And Cutler did not demand a trade. In fact, he said that he would like to continue playing with his teammates, and would only like to be traded if the Broncos truly do not want him there.

So fans, let’s look more closely at this before jumping to rash conclusions. And Cutler, stop reading blogs, and instead of basing what you know of greasy CBS 4 reporter Vic Lombardi, maybe you should call up McDaniels or Xanders and find out for real what is going on.

If you don’t believe me, listen to CBS 4’s interview with Jay Cutler. He said it himself at the end of the video; He wants to make it work, and would like to play for the Broncos next season.  Just click the link and watch the video:

Click here for Video.


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