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Free Agency: Excellent.

February 28, 2009
Andra Davis Has Been Signed

Andra Davis Has Been Signed

I am starting to get really excited about the Broncos. As a long time fan I haven’t been this excited about an off-season, well… ever. With the addition of a long time defensive star in Brian Dawkins and a seasoned veteran who can still play in Andra Davis, it is hard not to.

When you ask me, who is going to be this defenses emotional leader, I would say Champ Bailey or D.J Williams. But with the addition of Brian Dawkins we have a guy out there who is so powerful emotionally and powerful in his talents that you can expect an immediate upgrade to the Defense.

In some ways this reminds me of John Lynch coming to the Broncos a few years ago. He had been with Tampa Bay his entire career and was a perennial Pro Bowler just like Dawkins except with Philidelphia. He was 34 and Brian Dawkins is 35. There were doubts on if they could play well anymore.

If you remember John Lynch, in his 4 years here went to 4 Pro Bowls! If Dawkins can do the same, we can stop right here and call this off-season a success. But the other player here who stands out to me is the recently signed Andra Davis.

Davis has had his fair share of ups and downs in his career but even last year he was able to have 90 tackles. That is more than anyone else at Middle Linebacker we played last year and Davis rarely misses a tackle. I have long said that the difference between this years team and our 2005 AFC Championship Team was Defensive Leadership.

Andra Davis and Brian Dawkins bring that. If you combine that with the leadership and talent of Champ Bailey and D.J Williams this defense might have something special after all. What these two signings also prove is our desire to draft a Defensive Tackle with our First Round Pick.

We have solved right here, our 1st and 3rd biggest position need or in Linebackers case, just downgraded it to about our 2nd or 3rd. That leaves Defensive Tackle number one and I am starting to feel like we are destined to draft B.J Raji in the first round. That said, we will spend another draft pick on an Inside Linebacker in the second or third round.

With the idea now of Andre Goodman joining the team as our number 2 Cornerback I think that this could be one of our greatest Free Agency Sprees ever. Also, I guarantee you this will work out A LOT better than the infamous 2007 Free Agency spree with the likes of Travis Henry and Montrae Holland. 

So I am excited about what Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders are doing and you should be too. Remember that Bronco Madness will be here all weekend covering NFL Free Agencies rumors, signings, visits and more so keep it here for all the updates you need and vote in our fan poll on the home page!


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