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Arrington Deal May Fall Through

February 28, 2009
J.J Arrington

J.J Arrington

While everybody thought that it was permanent that J.J Arrington was a Denver Bronco, as it turns out the two sides are having a slight contract disagreement.

The two parties were supposed to have a deal worked out for 4 years according to his agent. But some language in the contract is disturbing the agent bringing up the possibility of the deal falling through.

“J.J’s back in Arizona,” Rickert said. “”The deal’s not dead yet.” But there is still some risk it won’t work out and that it might be the reason we are bringing the Broncos number 1 ranked Derrick Ward to Denver tomorrow to meet with him.

Some people have suggested they wouldn’t want Ward because we already have 2 Running Backs from free agency already but this will take away that concern and possibly add some more for Ward. Ward is considered as the number one running back in Free Agency but he is asking for Michael Turner money.

The Broncos don’t want to give him that kind of money and they might just get what they want because so far both Cincinnati and Philadelphia have not shown as much interest as expected. That is making his price slip a bit and we might get him at a bargain.

Oh and we feel we have to pimp Bronco Madness even more, so remember tonight and today we are going to have 24 Hour coverage of the Free Agency situation. This is one of the most pivotal points of one of the most pivotal off-seasons in recent history and  you can keep up on it on Bronco Madness whenever you want.


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