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Day 2: NFL Combine Notes

February 22, 2009
Cullen Harper

Cullen Harper

They just started airing the NFL Combine and we have started watching the Wide Receivers run. I have never seen a group so fast. We saw 5 Wide Receivers a 4.40 or under. Two of those ran under 4.30. It was insane. Both Deon Butler and Johnny Knox both ran under 4.30 with only .1 second apart.

I also just finished watching some of the QB’s and Wide Receivers throw to each other and I thought that there were two QB’s that stood out well and they were Cullen Harper who threw a great pass and I thought his 3 step drop looked great and Josh Freeman who screwed up his first pass but threw a great second one.

Rey Maualuga a major prospect for the Broncos had a press conference today where he talked about how he is glad to have come to the Combine to help himself get “rediscovered”. He also weighed in a bit overweight but still has lost 5 pounds since the Senior Bowl.

Josh Freeman disappointed a bit with his 40 Yard Dash time which is only a bit under 5.00 when people consider him a very fast QB. Get this: Jay Cutler had a much better 40 time than Josh Freeman so this should get some people to back off of him if they are looking for a running QB.



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